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"Hard science" and "Soft science"*: Welcome to my archived information website. A recent development in healthcare is the concept of Collaboration. With my doctorate in naturopathic medicine, studies at University of Michigan Medical School and ongoing learning in neuroscience I am very hopeful for the future of health care in our nation and worldwide. I began this site as a class project to tell others about the connections I was seeing between many old and new ways of supporting human health of body and mind. I have since then traveled widely and sat in many "circles": meetings of scientists and gatherings of health care practitioners.

I have also listened to the stories of people who are seeking answers for their concerns about their health -- from the devastation of losing your income, to the challenges of physical & mental changes after various traumas, and the deep distress of chronic illness.

The Natural World holds the keys to Healing conditions that are not yet solvable by typical western medicine. For instance I and my team treat people who have diagnoses of Cancer. Björn Nordenström, M.D., of the Karolinska Institute in Switzerland announced his discoveries about body energies, acupuncture and much more [my introduction]. I've been impressed with the way that naturopathic physicians met [link] to define the landmark term, Vis medicatrix Naturae ("the healing power of Nature").

If you are ready to learn about expanded options for improving your health and the quality of your life, please explore the presentations I offer on this website. I work as a team with medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychotherapists and others. I help you learn the difference between Good and Bad things for you and I provide many services that help your body heal itself.

This teaching website describes how you can blend:

A) Physical support techniques -- such as optimal nutrition, biological dentistry, bodywork, detoxification from "Neurotoxins", movement therapies, lab tests, etc., with

B) "Body function" techniques -- FlexAware exercise, Mindfulness awareness, Acumeridian treatments, autonomic nervous system support, homeopathy, SCENAR/Biomodulator, breathing exercises, craniosacral, Tai Chi, Qi gong, "Tapping" therapies and other approaches.

Integrative Medicine, Biological Dentistry, Homeopathy and "Autonomic Regulation Therapies" hold keys to solving many challenging health puzzles.

Combined with the New Brain Science I have great hope for our future.

I affirm the value of intention, prayer, focusing and mind-body techniques. [See: "I don't want you to lose your faith" ]

My Theme: The Substance of Hope

"It All Fits Together."

Applying Science to the study of disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Iridology, and Bio-Energy technologies gives me new hope for the future of humanity. I am impressed by research into "microcircuits", body energy flow and integrative nutrition for mind and body. See also: Functional Medicine | Autonomic Science | FlexAware Neuro-Rehab | BioModulator | Homeopathy Science | Acumeridian Science | NES Bodyfield Scan | New Brain Science | Family Constellations | Science and Spirituality

I'm a supporter of the Academy [was on Board of Advisors, more]

On this website I tell you important ways to learn more about your unique situation (strengths and challenges). I offer what is now being called Collaborative Medicine because I include medical doctors and other licensed practitioners in your Circle of Care. My Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and my board certification (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture help me make health conditions more understandable and free up your innate healing powers. Call my office and I can help you learn more about the options you have.

NOTE: I have a rich history of experiences with wisdom of Indigenous Peoples as well as scientists and encourage you to listen to their messages -- World Healing.

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