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Understanding Your Health and Health Concerns

[This subject deserves an entire educational program. I began this website for teaching.*]

Many times I have sat in my office room talking with a patient about the fact that they have a healthy central core. Often they are deeply moved, sometimes they cry. This page helps expand your understanding of how I approach health and how you can begin reclaiming your health. Think of it as going back to school and learning basic truths of how your body works and what can be done to improve health. You can learn how I integrate laboratory testing and techniques that help me detect factors that can cause health problems, then choose effective options. Our discussion should be tailored to you, so contact me and we can talk about your situation. 

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See below: Handouts | General Model that I use

Below are several additional concepts that I placed on this page earlier when I created this website as a conversation with visitors. [Thanks to Thirsty-Fish Story Marketing.]

"What's wrong with me?"

You can understand what is "wrong" with you when you know how your body and mind work. A major component is the autonomic nervous system. I am expanding the Educational Resources section so that when you have time you can study and learn how doctors of integrative medicine and natural medicine can be so effective.

"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has."

-- Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)


Individuality -- Discovering "Who You Are" [outline of a planned class to be offered]

A Deeper Understanding: Click here for more information prior to seeing me.


Laboratory Testing information


Getting Better: Understanding the question "Am I Getting Better?"


Have you been labeled a Hypochondriac?

[He is 'The Enigma', dismissed because he cannot be understood by those around him.]

Read some expanded ways of evaluating the person shown as The Hypochondriac. It falls into place if one understands neurotoxicity, nutritional medicine and has studied the work of doctors and researchers of acumeridian theory, Ayurveda, and other non-mainstream systems of health care.


Humorous presentation of this information:

Homo toxicanus: a "new species."

[>> My Mental health/Counseling services]

Mentally destabilizing Chthonic Diseases: [Google Search] [define "Chthonic"]

What about Cancer? The Moss Report and other resources.

General Model of the Expanded Paradigm that I use to guide my work:

The Dynamic System called Integrative Homeopathy.

This system of understanding health describes the working of the inner "Vital Power" or "Living Power" that activates your physical body. The strong points and weak points of your Living Power affect your response to the stresses of your life, and the attacks by outside influences and inherited predispositions. This results in the unique responses that you and your body have, and gives us clues to how to remove the blockages and let your body's Autonomic Nervous System and healing mechanism do its best to regain a dynamic balance.

See: "Cancer": The Terrain and the Living Power

Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Physical Manipulation, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic body typing, Counseling, Detoxification and much more all fit within the multi-layered system that I call Integrative Homeopathy. This is my name for what is known as "Heilkunst" (in German this means The Medical Art of making whole or "heilen"). This is a way of understanding Life as being both Substance and Energy. Dr. Hahnemann was ahead of his time -- over 100 years before Einstein he developed a dynamic scientific system of thought that led to a more powerful system of cure for Disease. The basic fact he discovered is the same as described by Albert Einstein when he wrote the equation, E = mc2. When used as part of a series of steps taken using the Heilkunst program, many seemingly unrelated approaches can be integrated into an individualized health improvement journey that frees the person to enjoy more vibrant health.

Major discoveries that come from this approach to observing life is that there are two kinds of Diseases -- called Tonic and Pathic -- that have been found deep inside of people causing imbalances and inappropriate functioning at all levels. These are the classical homeopathic term of "Miasmatic Diseases", and related ones that have been recently classed as separate, called "Chthonic Diseases".

All people have some degree of Chronic Miasm influence. I recommend that everyone receive the pro-active prescribing that Dr. Hahnemann showed can be accomplished. This way we will not be carrying these as hidden seeds of future active illness. 

[See: The Deadly Chronic Miasms | Chthonic Diseases: Deep Personality Diseases. Other sites: Verspoor | Morison | Tyler ]

I see the partnership between the homeopathic practitioner and person being cared for as a "Life Makeover." Everything about them is considered. This is much deeper than simply "fixing" some inconvenient, isolated symptom.               --- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.


I support you as being in charge of your own life and health care choices. I help you find what works for you. This includes planning your own participation as well as my direct care and recommendations. Overview of the NIHA clinic's approach.

Mercury and Brain Effects

This could be expanded. See Biological Dentistry | Understanding Your Health | The Expanded Paradigm | "Homo toxicanus"

Example of a Mercury-Stressed Dentist:

This is an individual with whom I have communicated, and he did not realize how his mental function had been affected by mercury over his career as a mercury-using dentist. He became wildly creative and imaginative in ways that I think are evidence of how mercury affects mental function. You can judge for yourself. He decorated his dental office waiting room with a disco ball with reflective mirrors and flashing lights; now he has several Internet pages about his fantastic visions of colors and shapes. His stage name is "Pygoya." You can examine this for yourself by using a search engine >>

Click here for Google search of "Pygoya".

One of my major concerns is that people "do the best they can with what they understand"; this ends up with them living lives that are often far less than what they could have been if only they had known about toxins and obstacles to full health.

Models of Health:

I have been trained in a variety of systems of understanding health and illness and treatment and reclamation of health. Mainstream western medicine is the backdrop against which I work, integrating this with acumeridian sciences (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Korean Hand Acupuncture, Japanese Nakatani points, etc.). Going beyond the "standard allopathic" model is usually what my patients require. See my writing on Expanding the Paradigm on the Philosophy of Health & Medicine page. The Five-Level Map (Model) to Health and Healing [see link below] is a good place to start expanding the way you understand your life and your health problems. My graphic on the Healing Power of Nature [see link below] shows my overall approach. For additional information see Mental Health, Counseling and Personal Wholeness. Sometimes by looking at one's health concern from a different approach, useful plans of action can be constructed. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of the organs of the body and the Organ Systems and Meridians can help you understand your concerns better [more here]

An important consideration: Vaccination stresses

Have you been "Earthed"?: Walking barefoot on the ground, sleeping connected to the earth will add a new aspect to your body's health environment [more here]

BraveHeart Women: An international network, empowers women, benefits all. [more]


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Handouts I have for new patients:  [free PDF reader if you do not have it installed already]


A Lifestyle of Healing: Packet of the handouts below and much more [download]

          Podcast describing this; crucial information about health care. [MP3 Audio]


Five-Level Map to Guide Healing:

         reduced Web Screen View; downloadable Adobe PDF version;

.         Klinghardt's essay on this: The Vertical Healing System.


Factors that Block Healing: Integrative Medicine list to guide your choices.


Unique Healing Response: Illustrates how to understand your individual response.

Homotoxicology Chart: Human stress responses to toxic overload [view here]

Dr. Wilson's "Healing Power of Nature" Description [view here]

Chart of Tooth/Acumeridian Relations, Including  Organ/Emotions [view larger]


Toxins can overload the body leading to physical/mental conditions


"Why haven't I heard of this before?" Restriction of information about these important options for health improvement.


Spirituality Considerations: You may find strength in a spiritual understanding of your situation.


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