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Your Health - A Deeper Understanding

[Note: This page may be removed and placed within an online class with graphics and expanded information.] For those who want a deeper understanding prior to seeing me, these links give you a chance to look at some approaches I have studied that help make effective choices that work for your individual case.


Individuality -- Discovering "Who You Are"

To properly use the integrative medicine approach you need to understand how your body reacts to the inputs and stresses of life. When you understand the "Why" of a health situation or the process of reclaiming health, it often helps you put up with the "Hows" such as the effort involved and the changes in your body and mind as you move ahead on your "Journey of Healing." 
Biochemical Individuality Laboratory Testing
Homeopathy and Personality Typing Brain Differences: Women and Men
Deep Personality Diseases   Unique aspect of healing responses
Obstacles to Cure/ANS Function Factors Fascia, flexibility and healing ["Strolling"]
Process of Healing The body as Community or "Kingdom"
Allergy/Environmental Brain Effects ABO Blood Type and Your Diet
Family Dynamics and Constellations Chinese acumeridian organ functions
Iridology: Information on body and mind Chinese 5-Element organs/emotions list
  Biofeedback for self-awareness
Tests and Questionnaires
Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire [as MS Word doc] Body Type/Endocrine Dominance Questionnaire: Female [PDF]
Temperature study (clue to thyroid, etc.) Body Type/Endocrine Dominance Questionnaire: Male [PDF]
Food Allergy info for ABO Blood Types Test for Color Blindness,
Spirituality Resilience Assessment Biotoxin screening and information

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The Value of Understanding Human Function and Your Individuality:

A) For example, if you know that an action such as vomiting is the proper response of the body in its attempt to deal with a stress, then you will not feel "defeated" if you vomit. You will, instead, look for the reason for the vomiting rather than simply seeking to suppress your body's action. 

B) Another example of the benefits of knowing how the body functions would be to look at the steps the body takes to deal with incoming stresses, in the example of skin rash. The skin is an organ of excretion, elimination of toxins. A skin rash is often the result of the body's innate wisdom in "throwing off" the effects of some stressor.  If a skin rash is suppressed by medications and the body is not allowed to "drain off" the toxin, or toxic energy then it is deposited deeper in the body. A classic example given by homeopathic clinicians is the caution against suppressing a skin rash in a child, because then the body will react by trying to eliminate the toxin through the "skin" of the lungs >> this often been described as the cause of childhood asthma. The "Homotoxicology" chart (below) illustrates the body's management of toxins. See Detoxification.

C) During your work with me, it will be important for you to be aware of and tell me about the changes you note in your health, including symptoms as well as psycho-emotional events.

D) After I meet you I can choose which books and references would be appropriate for you to learn more about human health and healing capabilities as it relates to your condition.

E) An excellent book on human function and wellness is: Job's Body.

F) My expanded understanding of the role of stressors on the body is in my essay titled:   "The Shackles on Job's Body".  This essay [to be updated] comes from my work with the ART assessment method, which is based on evaluating for the effect of disruptive Autonomic Nervous System Function Factors that are taught by Klinghardt, and by McClure at Capital University.

G) An important way of looking at your individual makeup is through Ayurvedic typing of personality and physiology. You will benefit from learning about Vata, Pitta, and Kapha personalities. [See links describing Ayurvedic medicine.]

H) Another important set of guidelines for understanding personality as well as the physical body is the Five-Element theory that is part of Chinese Medicine. [See links describing acumeridian theory and application.]

I) Another approach that deals with both personality and physiology is the German- originated Homeopathy. An excellent author who explains this is Catherine Coulter in her volumes on personality as reflected in homeopathic remedy profiles.  [See links describing homeopathy theory and application.]

J) Applied Psycho-Neurobiology as taught by Dietrich Klinghardt combines several ways of understanding health of body and mind. Overview of APN. This is a longer Essay on Dr. Mercola's site.  

K) Rayid/"neuro-behavioral" Iridology: This helps understand how people are "wired" to behave in certain ways. [See the Iridology section.]

L) The Reverse Speech Phenomenon may be an important addition to understanding how the body's nerves and physiology interact with the consciousness awareness. Read it and decide for yourself how this will change your understanding of how the human mind and awareness work.

M) I want you to know about Fractal geometry and Chaos/Pattern theory: These are reminders of how intricate is the human existence.

N) Your concern about your mind and your concerns is the subject of this page:  Mental Health, Counseling and Personal Wholeness.

You can look at the section on Philosophy of Health & Medicine for more information on how healthcare practitioners think of health and illness and getting well again. I have studied with a number of practitioners who specialize in a "spiritual" basis for all healing, and I support you in whatever way you address that part of life. More on that is in the Philosophy section. One physician whom I greatly respect is Majid Ali, M.D., the President of Capital University of Integrative Medicine; you can share his wisdom on living a healthy and spiritually fulfilling life by clicking on the link I have included in the Links and Resources page.


For those who do not feel understood by doctors: From the Mouths of Idiots: By a survivor of Chronic Neuroimmune Disease -- "The stupid things health care professionals say to people disabled with CND." Quotes from doctors who just "don't get it" about the mental effects of Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases.


Spirituality Considerations: You may find strength in a spiritual understanding of your health process.