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Healing the World

Drawing on Wisdom from Indigenous Peoples, augmented by honest Science


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Greening the Desert

Video on Hope

Families and Food

The Omo people: Loving beauty

Hopi Wisdom

Ayni Wisdom

This will be the page for the main points I want to share about living a full life in the world as we find it today, enriched by the wisdom of peoples who have lived on the planet successfully far longer than our "modern society" has existed. This is a challenge with the way our world is being assaulted by fundamentalist religious ideologies. That which is gentle and resilient is being portrayed as pagan/infidel and un-Godly, using a narrow understanding of what Godly means. In the spirit of cooperation inspired by the events of 9-11, I dedicate my work to furthering the cause of world healing.

A book that gives me hope: The Alphabet versus the Goddess; about science and the hope for reclaiming the interactive/"Right-Brain" aspect of human nature.


Models of Healthy Living in Harmony With the Planet:

The recent Washington DC dedication of the National Museum of the American Indian  was deeply moving for me. Behind the scenes there were deep movements of energies and much sharing among peoples of all races and religions. I was especially moved by the nourishing and rich experience of the SPIRIT -- The Seventh Fire presentation that I hope will soon be in a part of the country near you. It will change your life.


It is impolite to pretend to be a member of a race or tribe that you do not belong to.

However, we can learn from each other:
I have spent time with people who are living more natural lives. I mean with “First Nation”/Native American people, mountain-dwelling Taoist people in China, and Hawai’ian people who know the truths of Huna. The way I understand the most important things that we can learn from them is that they are living in direct contact with the Earth and with the energies that direct how Life functions. I am not holding myself out as “expert” in these, I only recognize that they have a way of living and an understanding of Life that is more Real than any artificial model “scientifically” constructed by “left-brain” human approaches. These people can provide precious guidance for modern society, they are in direct experience with the energies of Life. I wish they would be honored by everyone for the wisdom they possess.


Note: May 2006 -- I just received a copy of the Kosmos Journal and am impressed with their efforts to foster world healing.


Final Note: March 2009 -- The rest of this internet site details how glad I am to integrate all that went before with the current developments in Integrative Homeopathy/Medical Heilkunst. You can also visit the site:

See essay: This Land Is Sacred

King Kamehameha


At the National Museum of the American Indian

AYNI Lifeweaving & Restoration:

From the Quecha Indians [pronounced "I-nee"]

"...This word connotes gratitude, reciprocity or balance with everything in life. Ayni is as simple as paying money in exchange for service or as complex as being in complete synchronicity with the world around you and having the universe respond to your every thought."

Indigenous Peoples Worldwide:

SPIRIT: The Seventh Fire

Spirit 7th Fire

"First Nation"/Native American 

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My Two Beads Worth

Medicine Cards: Book and Animal Wisdom Card Deck

by Dave Carson

Click on image for Online One-Card reading and entry to his website


1. Spiritual company Taro Dream

2. Huna prayer offerings from Hawai'i

Taro Dream artwork

Mountain-Dwelling Taoists in China

Acupuncture Study on Taoist Mountain

AcuGraph science [link]

Mountain Taoists and My Visit

Bikram Choudhury

Yoga College of India

["The Original Hot Room Yoga"]

His site

Sites in Washington DC area

[I also have experience with the Iyengar school of yoga: medically focused]

Sri Lanka

Open International University for Complementary Medicine, charter of Medicina Alternative

Prof. Anton picture

Light Harmonics Institute, Inc. Affiliated with OIUCM (above). Using science to explain and deepen the wisdom first developed by the indigenous peoples.

Light Harmonics graphic



Picture Essay: I shook hands with The Man In the Moon --

But I sit in the lap of my Mother the Earth...

Hope for Humanity:

Music as healing


The Challenge of Loss of Tibetan and Other Cultures:

Ethnographer Wade Davis on, speaking about the challenges of extinction of languages and cultural wisdom and healing medicine knowledge. He ends with a message of hope for the creativity of human beings to carry on the flame of wisdom that is fueled by the Truths that are so evident for us to learn when we directly experience the Creation. Have Hope. We can make it.

Hopi Wisdom about the Cycles of Life and Challenges

Ayni Wisdom -- One of my teachers [link]

Families and Food:

Look at the energies of Life itself seen in these people from different countries. The original website that showed these photos emphasized the disparity in money spent on food by the families for a week. What caught my attention was the strong spirit of each person; each unique personality shows someone who is adapting to the resources at hand and doing their best to survive and thrive. [see enlarged photos and link to original site]

Greening the Desert: Honest science gives Hope



The Omo people: Loving beauty of the Earth. Awesome love for Nature.


See also: Science and Spirituality

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