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I shook hands with The Man In The Moon --

But I sit in the lap of my Mother the Earth...


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I met an astronaut:


Astronaut Jim Irwin on the Moon

I have also been moved by Indigenous Cultures:


Spirit The &th Fire

I encourage you to see SPIRIT: The Seventh Fire

Taro Dream graphic

Huna: See TaroDream.com  


As a young boy my father took me to Indian Guides classes. My mother was my Cub Scout Den Mother. Later on I studied science and wanted to be an astronaut; I shook the hand of Jim Irwin who had stood on the Moon. I have studied many things: Earth sciences, human health sciences and arts of healing. It is an honor to live in these times when ancient wisdom is being shared more openly, and scientific studies are showing many ways to understand how there is truth in what the ancients taught to their children. These days find me committed to the study and teaching of Autonomic/Neural Technologies which flow from the integration of western science, acumeridian science, homeopathy science, deep emotional healing approaches and more.


My internet web sites describe my understandings of human health and ways to improve health.


At the same time: I deeply value stillness and clear observation of the world around me – and of myself as well. Although I am committed to supporting rigorous study of the Autonomic/ Neural Technologies, I also acknowledge the cycles of life around me. Recently, the National Museum of the American Indian was dedicated on the Washington DC Mall. It reminded me of the many people I know who have ancestors in what are called “Indigenous Cultures,” or “Earth Cultures.” These people are part of all of us in a real way because long ago everybody had to live close to the earth and there were no tall buildings or clocks or computers, etc. Modern society needs to draw upon the knowledge of people who follow the cycles of the earth. Yes, there are ways that Science can contribute to our life, but there are also important things we can learn from cultures that have survived for thousands of years. The message of the Storytelling Medicine performance of SPIRIT: The Seventh Fire was powerful to see.


This is like a reawakening. I have always felt a reverence for the Earth. But now I will make some changes in how I live and conduct my practice as a physician. I invite you too to consider how you can bring your life more in tune with the cycles of nature. Maybe I will see you again on the pathways of Life.


Enjoy the Journey!  --  Ralph Wood Wilson