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Why Some Treatments Make You Worse


1. Your body is stressed by several ANS blocking factors that disrupt the innate ability of the Autonomic Nervous System to direct your healing process.

2. When your body receives any treatment, or you do any activity that supports good health (such as exercise, massage/bodywork, fasting, healing diets, etc.), there is a chance that your ANS may try to correct some of the problems due to the above ANS blocking factors. This is similar to the housekeeper of a house getting the message that the trash collector is coming and it is time to start sweeping and throwing out trash. The problem this can cause is that the doorway may not be wide enough (or open at all) and the dust and trash may clog up the hallways and the exits and make it hard for normal activities within the "house" of the body.

3. This is the explanation for the bad results and failures of many treatments people receive, whether from western allopathic medicine or CAM/Holistic practitioners who are still working with the current paradigm. [See Expanding the Paradigm.]

4. It is crucial that people understand the Expanded Paradigm, and take steps to support the body in the way that it actually responds to toxics [See Unique Responses, and  Homotoxicology chart.]

5. This is the reason behind, for example, the carefully staged process described by Dr. Mark McClure. In Integrative Detoxification, he maps out a program of testing and decisions that helps us plan the stages/phases of detoxification of heavy metals from the body. [See Steps to Take to Protect Your Progress.]