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"What Can Homeopathy Treat?"

Understanding Homeopathy and Health


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I support the Dynamic System of Thought that looks at Disease as deeper than named "diagnoses". See Homeopathy Science | Expanded Paradigm | Dynamization

Starting your treatment with

Integrative Homeopathy


A Google Search for "What Can Homeopathy Treat?" brings up a selection of Internet sites such as this one that states, "...The best answer is that theoretically any condition can be cured by homeopathy. HOWEVER..."


A few references to homeopathy (applied along with other supportive measures) used to treat some devastating conditions:
Conditions labeled as -- Autism and Behavioral Disorders

[Book description in Homeopathy Science section]


also see Path to Cure


Conditions labeled as -- Cancer


Dr. Hamer and his observations about mental shocks leading to illness

Web Log for Cancers & Chronic Illness

The Path to Cure

by Allyson McQuinn, DMH

Now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Allyson McQuinn came through harrowing and uplifting experiences with behavioral problems in her child and severe health conditions herself. This is a story of triumph of one person, but also of an understanding of Natural Law that is offering humanity a deeper opportunity for healing than ever before recognized. It describes what true Disease is, how illness is generated, what is a Constitution, what are Miasms, the Journey, and "Facing the Shadow."  Internet site for purchase | Descriptions on Integrative Homeopathy weblog






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