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Yes, Homeopathy IS that powerful of a basic truth.

Unleashing Your Nuclear Energy

Wisdom from a Philosopher Physician

[Pathways Magazine: Spring 2006 - download as printable PDF page]

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This is what I explain in my discussions of The Expanded Paradigm.


E = mc2


Expanded Paradigm

Insights from Science and Natural Medicine.

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Unleashing Your Nuclear Energy

Wisdom from a Philosopher Physician


E = mc2. How deeply do you know the Nuclear Power of your life? Would you like to learn more ways to unleash your own healing energies? In this year of the centenary celebration of the publication of Albert Einstein's now-famous equation (June 1905) the world has the opportunity to undergo what is basically a 12-month meditation on the meaning of the "New Understanding of the Natural World" that the famous equation put into scientific terms.

As a Naturopathic Physician and a spiritual healer I am nearly bursting with energetic enthusiasm as I look at the ways we can expand the reach of this equation to encompass health care and even the simple activities of daily living. I started out my life with hikes in the forest and flying kites as a child with my father and mother, then went on as I grew up to study how Nature works and how humans can harness forces like the wind. My military service and later training as a Naturopathic Physician forced me to look at many of the ways energies can be misused. I even served for a while as a “Radiation Risk Communicator” in Washington State -- a program designed to calm the public about their concerns about the Hanford nuclear facility; but the stories I heard of the “Downwinders” who developed puzzling illnesses and cancers, and the inconsistencies in what I was being told to repeat to the public led me to resign this position.

My search for Truth brought me to embrace what I described in an earlier article in Pathways Magazine as Science and Shamanism. For me this meant to learn from both what can be understood by measurements, Science, as well as from what can be experienced, Shamanism. For me the word “Shamanism” did not mean empty repetition of dogmatic rituals and often-dramatic performances, but came largely from what I learned from people who lived close to the earth -- First Nation “American Indian”, Huna, Mountain Taoist. These “medicine workers” exuded an energy and vitality I had not seen in my western medical education. A powerful example of this connection to the forces of the Earth was the Spirit -- The Seventh Fire performance I attended at the Washington DC Capitol Mall in 2004 as part of the dedication of the “Museum of the Native American” (now available on a DVD, suitable for use as a meditation).

E = mc2. This equation blasts apart my meager attempt to live in two separate worlds, Science and Shamanism. Have you yourself been able to think of your life as simultaneously Energy and Substance? It is like imagining having a body that is a “Hand Puppet” being moved by unseen internal energies that you can’t touch. This journey of discovery of Self and How Life Works -- driven largely by my oath to be a naturopathic physician/teacher/docent/doctor -- led me to create a teaching website with graphics and what I think of as doorways to personal discovery about life, health, illness, health care and the process of reclaiming health.

Are there tools for working with this
E = mc2 reality? You know the answer of course is a rich Yes -- that is why Pathways Magazine was founded (at least that is why I have participated in the Pathways community since I arrived in Washington DC). I won’t list here the many techniques and systems of understanding aspects of this dual nature of reality that you will find chronicled in these pages. However I will now introduce to those of you who can recognize it an earlier uncovering of this same Energy/Substance duality of life that is now being mined for the riches it offers humanity.

Energy Before Matter: Over 100 years before Einstein gave us the equation, Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. discovered that he could separate the Energy from the physical Substance of things used as medicines. The name “Homeopathy” was his best description of the responses he observed in people when he would repeatedly dilute and vibrate substances in water and then give drops of this liquid to the patient (or sugar pills that had been used for storage for later use). Hahnemann was working in a medical environment similar to what we have today (with strong opinions about the status quo, etc.) and he did not have terms such as Einstein created that could have described what he was witnessing. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers..."—Hahnemann quoted in A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley. By the time his always-active mind stopped working (he died around 1827) he had written down case notes and a treatise on True Medicine (Organon der Heilkunst) that elegantly reflect his observations of the
E = mc2 nature of life in action. In recent years his original writings have been accurately translated from German and his case notes made public. It is becoming clear -- to increasing numbers of homeopaths and people interested in living a healthy life that is in balance with the forces of Nature -- that both Hahnemann and Einstein were working with the same fact of life and pointed us toward “A New Understanding of the Natural World”.

Integrative Homeopathy: This is the name I created for the system I use to help people with their health concerns (physical or mental health). Those who are familiar with the terms “Medical Heilkunst’ or “Anthroposophic-Orgonomy” will recognize what I am describing; the equation
E = mc2 drives our work with the same fact of Life, that it is simultaneously Substance and Energy. My treatments can include homeopathic prescribing and such other healing inputs as acumeridian stimulation (such as SCENAR and auriculotherapy), craniosacral therapy, nutrition, exercise, and a variety of self-awareness techniques. I make it a point to work with other practitioners in a “Team” approach when this is what the client/patient needs. This may include referrals to collaborate with biological dentists and other specialists in detoxification, allergy treatment, brain health, structural manipulation, massage, yoga, etc.

The longer I have been a Naturopathic Physician the more I have become a Philosopher Physician. Sometimes a patient makes the most progress when they deal with things that can’t be treated with pills or surgery. Some of the subjects that I have learned about and could describe in much greater detail are:

“All Illness is Spiritual.” This phrase used to frustrate me, but my Scientific mind calms down when I think of
E = mc2 and the fact that there are things that can’t be seen or touched such as radio waves and magnetic fields. Also unmistakable are the wonderful changes I see in people who are deep into the life of their church, synagogue, temple, lodge, etc.

Life is Relationship: With others, with yourself, with the world outside you including both the physical and that which is not seen. This includes however you conceive of your relationship to God/Creator/Intricate-Evolution.

Lack of Communication: This is like the lack of oxygen. In the body an anaerobic environment can cause some really bad things to happen, some believe it to be part of the development of cancer. Some say that cancer is the “ultimate lack of communication”, where cells divide without control.

Removing Disease: Distortive energies (truly deserving of the label “Disease”) can slip into our body’s energy field and cause symptoms that are mistakenly called “disease” (such as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease or “GERD” as one example now in the news). The energies of True Disease can be canceled out by using the energy medicine of homeopathic preparations (and most likely other methods that I have not mentioned). Much more could be said about the different kinds of distortive Energy Diseases and how they can affect body and mind.

Health is the Activation of Generative Energy: Integrative Homeopathy and the “Medical Heilkunst” it draws from describe the Dynamis (or Living Power) that moves our hand-puppet Life as having both a Sustentative aspect (managing digestion, blood circulation, etc.), and a Generative aspect (empowering us for healthy cell multiplication, making babies, having creative ideas). I have known people whose bodies were gradually slowing down into physical death but who had a deep level of true Health because they could still generate a smile or create moments that affected others’ lives.

Ancient Rituals: Ceremonies and wisdom that center on Nature, the Earth and the sun, moon and stars bring people into direct contact with the cycles and flows of the dynamic Energy/Substance duality. We need that more today than ever before to remind us of who we truly are.

For years I have seen life as a Pathway through this physical world. Now I am seeing it as also an excursion within an unseen world of energies and spirit. There are multiple ways you can apply the truth of
E = mc2 to your own life to free your own healing energies and to also experience the healing that can only come from energies outside yourself. I have mentioned a few. There is a wealth of discovery ahead of you. I wish for you all good things on your own pathway.

Enjoy the Journey!

Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.