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Unique Responses: Illness and Recovery


People are different in how they react to stresses,

and also in how they reclaim their health.

[See also: Your Health & Health Concerns



1) Western science way of understanding this:

Ilya Prigogine [Nobel laureate in Chemistry]: Theory of "Dissipative Structures." 

     I call it the way to describe why no two eggs ever break in the same pattern, and    

     why no two people experience illness or the healing process in exactly the same way.

The Ilya Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems

What is Chaos?

Impressive and simple graphic showing collision of 3 balls as complex chaos response

Dr. Prigogine's Autobiography

Lay-Person's Essay on Prigogine's fascinating discoveries

Counselor's view of Prigogine on dissipation and reorganization

2) Model from Homeopathy, by George Vithoulkas [The Science of Homeopathy]


Vithoulkas diagrams the person as having 3 levels (shown as cones): Physical / Emotional / Mental. These each give different symptoms when stressed. See the Laws of Cure for more detail.

When a person is treated and health improves, they may develop other symptoms on levels less critical to survival or at a point of less importance on the same level. See Homotoxicology chart.

The Science of Homeopathy, Vithoulkas. Chapter 6, The Fundamental Law of Cure. Drawing adapted.