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Special Note for Those Under 18

See below: You Can Change the World

See also: "I don't want you to lose your faith"


If you are under 18 and have read this far I will tell you some important things:


1. When I work with people under 18 I need to have a parent or guardian overseeing what goes on. Health issues are very important and require supervision if you are under 18.


2. The "Under 18" label may have gotten your attention regarding the content of this website. This is a Family Friendly website, with no adult sexual content. As a physician I am concerned about all aspects of health. However, our society has what we could call a "Need to Know" policy on information on sexual growth and maturity. We have not yet figured out how to do a universal, gradual step-by-step teaching process that is appropriate for all youth. On my web site you will find many pages and links to other web sites where they deal with science and knowledge about how Life works, but they do not focus on issues of sexuality. My website can help you along your way on the long process of becoming an adult who knows there are many ways to understand how to live a happy life, or a life that makes sense to you even if there are challenges.


Different religions and life pathways have various ways of teaching and guiding youth into adulthood. I want you to know that it is possible to have a healthy and fulfilling growth process and graduation into adulthood. Even if you end up finding yourself much older than 18 and tempted to think thoughts such as, "I blew it," or, "Someone ruined it for me," there is hope for transforming your life. [Family Dynamics and Family Constellation Work may be very good for you to learn about.]


At this time let me declare that I join with others who also work with both the medical/healthcare and the emotional/spiritual aspects of life, and bid you Welcome. We each offer our input to help you transform whatever may have happened in your background into the rich soil for fruitful growth and development as an adult.                --  Dr. Wilson


3. Sometimes life can look like a jungle full of danger, and also full of exotic fruit. Always remember that you can heal old wounds and reclaim your control over your life through many techniques [many are not "spiritual" or religious] -- no matter what age you are when you want to make that change. My web site has several areas that begin to touch on ways we have available at our clinic to help you do that. 

(Note to older folks who are reading this: consider this an invitation to yourself to start learning about ways you can "reconceive" your life. -- Read the book: Reconceiving My Body, as one of many ways to nurture true Health.) 


4. Please remember that your body and brain are developing all the time now. You are developing at your own rate, nobody is exactly like anyone else. Let me tell you about a website dedicated to brain health. This includes a video where high schoolers have their brains scanned, and you can see the effects of drugs. There is hope for repair of brains damaged by drugs and alcohol. Let me introduce Dr. Daniel Amen.


5. You Can Change the World: Youth are the hope of the future of humanity. You have the chance to study the important things I talk about on this website. You are invited to read The Expanded Paradigm, about applying quantum physics to the area of health and healing.

My Educational Resources page has some basic material that can help you plan how to learn more in some (but not all) important areas of life. If you are curious about a career in science or healthcare, please read that section.

You may enjoy looking at the Nobel Prize online museum.

You can be one of the new breed of students who studies the expanded model of how Life works.


First-Class Learning Experience:  One catalog that is fascinating is free from the Carolina Biological Supply Company: "World Class Support for Science and Math". I have spent hours looking over the models, plants, animals, science experiments, computer programs, etc. Just reading it expands your knowledge about Life, its many intricate systems and more. I asked if you could have your own copy; they said Yes. Call for a free catalog:  800-227-1150.


Life-Changing Learning Experience: I want to encourage you to combine study of both the field of bio-physics (how the science of basic physics helps explain what we are learning about health of living things) and the field of acumeridian theory (the flow of energies through the body as mapped and used in medicine by doctors from China, Korea, Japan, Germany and elsewhere). You will find many web sites dealing with this. 

How You Can Help: Almost all of the websites and teaching resources you will find are incomplete because they do not have the integrated approach I want to see developed. [A few have the right idea: ANT Resources.] I want to get more young people interested in blending western Science -- quantum mechanics, chaos/pattern theory, fractal dynamics, bio-energy physiology, etc. -- with the closed-system approach of the classical Chinese Traditional Medicine. To speed the progress of health care in the USA and worldwide we need a synthesis of western science and acumeridian techniques, and I think the time has come. Maybe you are one of the people who will help make these big changes occur.

You can check my pages on Acumeridian Science, Autonomic Science, Microcircuits and Health, Homeopathy Science, Iridology Science and others for additional references.

Einstein Light


"The finer points of relativity in less time than it takes to eat a sandwich."


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Oh, yes -- Remember to PLAY. Do things that get you "out of your head", create, experiment, explore.


You have my best wishes as you move ahead in Life's journey. --  RW


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