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Touchpoints with Nature

See also: This Land Is Sacred | National Museum of the American Indian


My life is deeply influenced by the Medicine I learned from First Nations people. I will be expanding what I write here and in the World Healing page that talks about the way we need to learn from the people who still know how to live closely with the Earth.


National Museum of the American Indian

Diamond Head Volcano, Oahu. Wonderful for day hikes and feeling Nature's power.

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Redrocks -- Denver CO

Feeling Nature's power

Nature's Energy captured on photo

Working with Wind

Working with Wind

smaller scale

Collecting Tools

Tools to work with Wind, Earth, the Human Body-Field

Giving Honor


Jacques Benveniste and Richard Gerber w/ Jonathan Collin and Claude DeShazzo

Sharing times in Nature

Wu-Dan Sword of my teacher Song-Lin

Creating with Nature:

Bear, Seal, Orca holder for ancient Trilobite

Creating what reflects more than Nature

Nature Spirit: Dragon seen roaming the National Mall at dedication ceremony for the National Museum of the American Indian.

It's All Happening at the Zoo: National Zoological Garden, Washington DC

It happened at the Zoo