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The Tomato Effect: Deeper Considerations -- Nightshade Dangers

Looking closer at a colorful concept regarding Scientific Healthcare

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The Tomato Effect:  Prejudice, Dismissiveness, and Going the Extra Mile

This Tomato Effect event, a movie no longer available, hosted by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., at Bastyr University struck a raw nerve or two in me. Dr. Wright was one of the doctors who helped me when I was in my personal Valley of Death experience, and I am indebted to him for his open-minded approach to using science to explain (as much as possible!) effective treatments that cannot yet be completely understood.

The Tomato Effect is more colorful and meaningful than it may seem at first glance. I hope the audience can see an even bigger picture here. Although I fully agree with the condemnation of the way pharmaceutical-focused propaganda arrogantly targets and dismisses dedicated clinicians and teachers such as Dr. Kime and Dr. Wright, we need to guard against falling ourselves into a similar kind of arrogance.

I exchanged letters several years ago with the author of the term "The Tomato Effect", Dr. James Goodwin, urging him to simply recant and drop the whole term, because Tomatoes Can Be Deadly:

Norman Childers (still at work in his 90s) founded www.NoArthritis.com after his many decades of work to alert people that approximately 20% of the population react to Solanaceae and can have arthritic symptoms. In fact my Boy Scout assistant scoutmaster died after years of debilitation from arthritis; he had surgeries on feet and hands, rib deformity, restricted breathing and he died of pneumonia. Two years before he died I visited him and he refused to listen to my plea that he stop eating nightshades; he said he had raised his own tomatoes and potatoes and ate them every day. His death was subtle, tomatoes killed him slowly. All his doctors ignored food as part of his health risks. He did not eat a tomato and fall down dead; it took many years of immune dysregulation to kill him.

The famous 1820 courthouse scene where the arrogant Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson ate a tomato and did not die and thus declared tomatoes harmless, is what we need to fully examine. This is as bad as the gathering of morbidity and death statistics after vaccinations and including events only a short time after the administration of the substance into the body. It is easy now to see that the "superstitious" people who had said tomatoes were poison, likely did have nightshade reactions and their genetic lineage was indeed assaulted by the Solanaceae but slowly over a long time.

The proximate lesson is for us to avoid prejudicial and simplified reactions based on INCOMPLETE SCIENCE. Digging deeper, going further is what is required of those of us who are dedicated to understanding the natural world.

Another arrogant figure is the TV character, House, M.D., who brashly holds forth each week about his certitude based on the reductionist allopathic model. Any of us Bastyr graduates would know there are more levels to Life than House so diligently investigates as he searches weekly for clues to help save desperate patients.

Dr. Wright's "Electro-Dermal Screening" practitioner could rapidly dispense with virtually any of the "puzzles" that we see weekly on that TV show [Dr. Wright's clinic included a Computron Electro-Dermal Screening practitioner years ago but I do not see this service listed on the website now]. With my acupuncture training and pulse testing I join the many practitioners who can feel the response of the body using the Nogier Auriculotherapy approach [the VAS is an important phenomenon]. The protocol-driven manual muscle testing technique of Dietrich Klinghardt can rapidly point to major autonomic dysregulators and has solved many health puzzles. The multi-dimensional thinking inherent in the practice of homeopathy helps make sense of body and mental symptoms and unseen processes that allopaths don't consider. And the recent introduction of the Information-based assessment of the human body-field called the Nutri-Energetics Systems approach, may be yet another breakthrough in understanding the Natural World.

Compartmentalized allopathic diagnostic labeling should never be the final arbiter of our care for the whole person. We are the ones who can go beyond current boundaries. We need to show forth the truth despite the opposition of those who attack us.

"The Tomato Effect" should not become a derisive slur against "non-scientific ignorance." It should instead be re-framed and thought of as a message from the Creator to look more deeply at the Creation.  We must look at Life without prejudice and travel further than those before us. We can gather Life’s rich treasures through diligent study and then in turn reach out to the suffering humanity who so desperately need what we have the ability to deliver.

Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture. Washington DC   www.NaturalConnectionsHealthcare.com  

[May 7, 2006]