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Acumeridian Healing With "Tapping" Therapies

This page shows examples of the application of acupuncture meridian theory to modifying an individual's energy flow. This has similarities to the training that I had in Qi Gong from Chinese Qi Gong instructors. This information is so unique compared to the way that western medicine understands the body that you will need to see and study this yourself to appreciate the meaning of this information. These sites report results that seem to indicate the reduction or disappearance of medical diseases; however, they are careful to not advocate using these to treat disease. 

It is my firm opinion that these and other approaches are each valuable as options as part of overall programs that support the body's ability to heal itself if obstacles to healing are removed. All of this supports the individual's personal Vis medicatrix naturae in its healing process. I do not consider these to be sufficient to remove all obstacles to healing, such as heavy metal toxicity.

Major addition to available approaches: See Tong Ren below.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

New Learning Forum for EFT

[video below is from]

Try It On Everything

offers an EFT e-book on their internet site.

Interview concerning Pain and using "tapping" approaches for pain.


Website with pictures/video of tapping sequence

EFT instructions

EFT Zone: Videos and more instructions


EFT Tapping to Clear Energies of Negative Emotions [site]

Please note that the EFT instructors all are very careful to avoid speaking of the improvement in western medical diseases.

Tong Ren Tapping

Introduction at acupuncture teaching site: Yin/Yang House

You have to see this to believe it. The videos below are unrelated to the introduction site. As I say above, tapping of any type supports the individual's personal Vis medicatrix naturae in its healing process. The practitioners of this therapy likely do not know the full science behind it, mind-body energies, but it gets results. My concern is that there likely are other background disrupting factors such as toxicity that need to be addressed before the self-healing process can be fully activated.