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Store: Products for Self-Care

This page introduces products and internet sites where you can purchase products and instruction in a variety of methods to improve health of body and mind. Disclosure: Some of them are affiliated with my practice and compensate Natural Connections Healthcare with a percentage of sales made via the links below.

See below: Amen Brain Health |Teraganix: Effecrive Microorganisms | D-Toxol | Amazon Affiliate Store | Mitogenx Environmental Toxicity Support | Breathing Test | FlexAware Fitness & Rehab | FoodPharmacy |Gyroscope Fitness | NATREN probiotics | AloeLife products | HeartMath | Basic Biofeedback | Hyalogic Products | Eye Microcircuits Book | Home Acupoint Stim | AcuGraph Purchase | Homeopathy Home Kits | Mindfold |Mirror to view your own eyes | Sponsoring

Metagenics Shopping Cart  
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Metagenics Corporation Nutritional Supplements
Dr. Wilson has an account with them and can prescribe any of these Medical Foods and other phytonutrients and supplements that are appropriate for you.

Online orders receive a 5% discount.

More about Metagenics FirstLine Therapy

The Amen Solution

Coaching/Self-Help site of Daniel Amen M.D.
15% off his store purchases, with Code: ECENTER42
This includes his healthy brain/healthy body nutritional supplements (includes stearate-free products)



Effective Microorganisms
A major development in managing mold and improving the microbial content of soils. Also have products developed for personal health.
ADHD Medication Rules:
Paying Attention to the Meds for
Paying Attention

Dr. Charles Parker, psychiatrist

His site | Book and intro video

Amazon Affiliate Store -- Selected books and products that I want you to consider for your
Health Menu.
The site includes a return link back to the home page of this website.


Note: This affiliate link is new and the selections are being updated.

A novel new supplement incorporating focused detoxification and/or toxin blocking components in combination with a group of proven Glutathione precursors and detoxification-organ support nutrients. Monograph and Discount Pricing [view

Today we are all exposed to hundreds of dangerous new man-made toxins such as radiation, EMF's, plastics, fire retardants, rocket fuel residue, BPA, phthalates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, animal hormones and antibiotics, fluoride, food preservatives, aspartame, MSG, pesticides, and many others. Almost none of these toxins existed just a few decades ago.  As a result, our detoxification mechanisms and our immune systems are not equipped to deal with many if not most of them.   

NOTE: D-Toxol is designed to be used with 3,000 mg of L-glycine daily in divided doses for maximum effectiveness against hydrocarbon based toxins.

To receive 5% discount via Natural Connections Healthcare,
Call: 800-323-3342
Mitogenx Info & Shopping Cart
Environmental Toxicity designer nutraceuticals.
Formulated by Walter Crinnion, N.D.

[link to shopping cart; opens in new window]
Lumosity: A great site for
improving concentration and
enhancing learning, and more.
Brain Games - Lumosity
An informative Website:
Optimum Healing from

Free Breathing Tests


FlexAware Fitness DVD
For Neurological rehabilitation and also for
fun and fitness.


Diet Therapy Software

with Metabolic Typing resource access


I am an authorized seller of their software. This is a comprehensive dietary management software. Purchase of a license also gives access to their Metabolic Typing resource

Pricing: I will authorize 5% less on the retail price of any valid advertised price for these items.

For the discount, use Affiliate Code:


Phone to order FoodPharmacy: 406-570-1544



Fascinating Gyroscope-Based Fitness Technology.
I speak about this when talking about
activating your inner healing mechanism.

Entry to their site via this link qualifies sales to bring a commission to Natural Connections Healthare.

[See site with extensive product line]
ProBiotics and Health Products company that I have known and respected for many years.

NATREN corporation
Natren Probiotics
Aloe Vera Products
Certified Organic

I have been impressed with the quality.



Excellent support for the mind-body
aspect of healing.
emWave2 by HeartMath LLC
Biofeedback Devices
Allied Products Biofeedback Instrument Co.

Their basic Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) type is shown. Their services have greatly expanded. Discount available (5%) when you tell them you are referred by Natural Connections Healthcare.


Hyalogic: Hyaluronic Acid Products

Superb resource to improve body energy flow;
see my essay about this [link]
Book on microcircuits.
Acupuncture meridian circuitry as
revealed in iris fiber structure.

With Dr. Wilson's forward.


[Print-on-demand at]
Acupoint stimulation at home.

A) Lhasa OMS

Most therapy items need Dr. Wilson's prescription.
Cold laser pointer shown.
Also available: books and charts.

Acupoint stimulation at home.

B) Miridia Technology, Inc.
[Maker of AcuGraph]
A few items are appropriate for Dr. Wilson's patients.
Laser pens, 635 nm wavelength

AcuGraph Technology

For practitioners [also special arrangement may be made for patient home tracking of progress].
Link below leads to description
and information about purchase from Dr. Wilson


Homecare Homeopathy Kits

Washington Homeopathic Products


Mindfold Relaxation Mask

Total darkness with your eyes open. Many possible uses.

It includes foam earplugs, for sensory reduction.

Reduces Autonomic Nervous System stress.
See the book, Lights Out. Mindfold protects
from light and may preserve Melatonin
[this is my theory].

[Mindfold site for purchase]


View Your Own Iris
Order directly from
Western Ophthalmics
for about $10


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