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Introduction to Health and Spirituality Considerations

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No matter what one's "religion": Atheism, Ethical Humanism, or one of the World Religions, it is important to consider one's place in the worldwide community of human beings. 


My graduate level studies include the professional certificate program in Spirituality, Health and Medicine at Bastyr University [Thesis: "God is not (That) Far Away"]. There I learned from representatives of several spiritual paths and organized religions, and the program had a deep level of pastoral counseling training. I want to say right off that I am in the dynamic situation of thinking/believing that Science is compatible with what can be called God/the Ineffable/Universal Connectedness. I enjoy working with people of no faith and people of deep faith equally well. This can be a challenge to some people, but I hope you, the reader, can understand or look past this dynamic dual nature of my stance on the issue of Science and Spirituality. Especially after the tragic events of  9-11, I want to do what I can to foster cooperation between peoples of all faiths and understandings about the nature of human life.


When you meet with me you might want to discuss what could be called Inner Resources. The questions below could give us a beginning point for our discussion. It can help me learn more about how I can best care for your concerns. They also may be useful for you to think about right now:

Spiritual Directors International: A resource for exploring your connection with the greater universe. I am a member of this community because it offers resources for integrating many of the services that I offer with your own pathway of self-discovery through my counseling services. The buttons below lead to more information. 

[My services for Spiritual Directors and Seekers]



Basic Overall Questions:


What gives your life meaning?

What are your sources of hope, strength, comfort and peace?

What do you hold on to during difficult times?

Do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?

Are you part of a religious or spiritual community? Does it help you? How?

Would you benefit from discussing end-of-life issues?


Personal Spirituality:


Do you have personal spiritual beliefs independent of organized religion? What aspects of your spirituality or spiritual practices do you find most helpful to you personally?


How are you dealing with current health concerns?


Has your current situation affected your ability to do the things that usually help you spiritually? (or, affected your relationship with God?)

Are you satisfied with your social support relationships, and your sexuality and spirituality resources?


Implications for me as a health care provider:


As a doctor, is there anything that I can do to help you access the resources that usually help you?


What aspects of your beliefs would you like me to keep in mind as I care for you?


Are you worried about any conflicts between your beliefs and your medical situation, treatments, future decisions?


Are there any specific practices or restrictions I should know about in providing your care, such as diet restrictions or use of blood products?


Would you like to discuss the religious or spiritual implications of health care?


What knowledge or understanding would strengthen our relationship as physician and patient?


Note: For further information about the different aspects that make up who you are, see: Understanding Your Health and Health Concerns | Science & Spirituality