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Dedication of Teaching Website


To the memory of

  Emma Bezy, MSW

Spirited educator and friend.

For all the Possibilities she helped us actualize.

[Founded Spirituality, Health & Medicine program at Bastyr University]


Charline Small, RN, Nurse Educator

For her vision of hope for humanity.

Her presence brightened many lives.

[Taught first course in the nation in Holistic Nursing -- Purdue University]

Legacy document re Warm Water Therapy and much more: Click here -- PDF, new window

Click here or on picture below: She taught us all during the Healing Household campaign.


Cameron David Allen, Courageous Human Being

for his hope to help other people by his example [videos]

Mattie J. Stepanek
for his sharing with others the love, joy and creativity that he shared so exuberantly with the world. Click on a picture below to learn more about this remarkable young man, his mother -- Jennifer Smith Stepanek -- and her children. Below that you can view my video tour of the Peace Park dedicated to Mattie Stepanek.

[Click on picture to Fast-Forward jump to important section]

Section 4: Hope for the Future: Children learning about the wonders of their body's health energies. Click on the picture to jump to the place where I introduce the life of Mattie Stepanek. His legacy is one that gives me great hope for the future because of children's ability to learn about life.

Mattie Online

May the combination of human hearts and hands,

appropriate use of science and technology, with trust in nature


deep spiritual awareness

lead to peace and wholeness for all humankind.