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Self-Healing Training: "A Lifestyle of Healing"

[FYI: This has been incorporated into the Cancer and Chronic Illness Support Program]


Self-Healing Training: Includes the handout "A Lifestyle of Healing." A compact one-hour session: assessments and education in important self-support techniques. Please come early and view the NIHA Welcome Video, as well as read Dr. Wilson’s informative handout, “A Lifestyle of Healing.”


"Functional Assessments" and Therapeutic Education about your strengths and areas that need extra support.


“A new way to see yourself may open new doors for healing and self-care.”

1) HRV [Heart Rate Variability]: Like an EKG; monitors heart electrical pulse (with an electrode belt around the rib cage), then computations assess health of the Autonomic Nervous System.

2) Acugraph [Digital Meridian Imaging]:  An electrical test of the acumeridian points, and computation of the Total Body Energy termed the PIE number (Personal Integrated Energetics) . Meridian energy graph.  [more]

3) Iridology Photographs and Neuro-Behavioral/ Personality Insights: Iris photographs. Basic iridology findings noted on report page. In addition, personality typology as disclosed by iridology, as well as introduction to the typology of other systems of understanding health and personality such as Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda.   [more]

4) Body Type Diet: Initial basic matching of your body type with supportive guidelines for food choices and types of exercise. Another important typology.

5) Food Pharmacy Diet Restrictions and Allowances Printout: Based on characteristics such as your ABO blood type. Yet another important typology.

6) Relaxation and Focus Instructions: Information including how Autonomic Nervous System Control Supports Healing. Instruction in breathing technique (RSA, therapeutic "Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia"). Instruction in focus technique (Benson's Relaxation Response).

7) Resources for ongoing self-care. Giving you control – “A Lifestyle of Healing.”

8) Integrative referral consideration. Consider the various services offered at NIHA including Dr. Wilson’s work with the NES biophysics scan and Integrative Homeopathy.


Note: Re-imaging one's self can make all the difference when seeking to begin new patterns of life activities that can lead to improvement in health of body and mind.


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