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Some Science Background, and

Science Behind Integrative Medicine and "Expanded Paradigm"

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This page began as an attempt to give medical professionals as well as the general public a selection of science from many sources, including the sciences of acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda and others. I see these as all related by the last century's discoveries in physics, chaos/pattern theory and an "energy flow" approach to looking at how Life works. This page is not all-inclusive and I can only hope that the insights I received when studying those sciences and the references below will be apparent to you the reader.


Much of the work that I do is high-tech [Heart Rate Variability, AcuGraph, computerized iris biometrics, laboratory testing, etc.]. I am convinced that Science will eventually describe how "energy medicine" health systems succeed in strengthening the body. The sites below show you a small sample of the things I use as background for my expanded view of health and health care. 


I and the medical doctors and dentists with whom I manage patient care have received training in standard western scientific approaches to health care. You can find information about this at web sites of the schools we attended, and of professional organizations for our different professions. I am enthusiastic about how western science can be upgraded in its effectiveness when combined with techniques from Europe such as homeopathy, acupuncture and other meridian energy medicine approaches and real-time assessment of Autonomic Nervous System function.




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