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Science and Spirituality:

Life Can Be Lived as a Dynamic Whole

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Below: "He was feeling our prayers," she says. | Interfaith Dialogue/ICJMSReligious Liberty Resource | I do not want you to "lose your faith." | Tolerance | The Mind Defined | The Invention of Air | The Secret Lives of the Brain | Hopi Wisdom | Greening the Desert | The Power of Play | Many Views | The National Cathedral welcomes all | What Draws Men to Serve


You have a stake in how the world works. How are you writing the story of your life?*

[Update:] National Cathedral honors Veterans [click to see pictures below]. This page will have links to writings about how life can be en-joyed more fully if it is understood as a combination of physical attributes and also unseen energies. See below "Dialogue on Science, Ethics & Religion" of American Association for the Advancement of Science. Addendum: Compassion for human life including the pain as well as the beauty is at the core of healthy human society. The recent series, "Mankind: The Story of All Of Us," is included below as a reminder of the benefits of both science and spirituality [jump to bookmark below]. Religious Liberty Clinic: Excellent video [jump to below].

I participated in Bastyr University's Spirituality, Health & Medicine professional certificate program. A diverse community of individuals met monthly for an extended weekend. Listening to many different people present stories of their experiences gave me a rich storehouse of memories. We heard from clergy, shamans, scientists, physicians, nurses, artists and many others about their life and its relationship to what I see as the duality of life. I started this essay as much more than a fond recall of that one program. There are several beneficial stories and presentations I would like the reader to know about; some are my own and others are from the lives of other people. [My thesis for the course was titled: "God is not (That) Far Away".]

There is a lot that we can do to support a world that respects a diversity of ways to understand Life. That will allow students, researchers, philosophers, and the general public the chance to make connections and discoveries that can enrich us all.

Note: Remember your physical body; it needs support and nurture [more: Kinesthetic Medicine].

-- Ralph Wilson, N.D.

Washington, DC

Recently I joined other religious leadership in a multi-faith gathering.
The Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies and the Greater Olney Interfaith Ministerium (GOIM) are co-sponsoring a four-week adult education interfaith initiative in the Spring of 2013. Developed by the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies (ICJS), this program brings together Jews, Christians, and Muslims in response to the religious intolerance and misunderstandings confronting our world. Lectures, small group discussions, and the study of texts sacred to each of the three religious traditions enable participants to discover what their religious communities share, and to explore what is distinctive about them. By reframing the conversation and challenging participants to engage with the wisdom of their religious traditions in light of contemporary life, they come to learn how to celebrate those distinctions as blessings. [Click here or on picture]



See below: American ingenuity and The Invention of Air, the exploration of Mars
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"Speaking of Faith" [now called, "On Being"]: A resource for understanding our pluralistic world

On Being - with Krista Tippett: Interfaith interviews; Religion, Meaning, Ethics & Ideas on American Public Media

Einstein's God

Hinduism & Science

Future of Islam

The Buddha in the World

 Evangelical Politics

   Being Autistic, Being Human | Religion in America | Revenge & Forgiveness | Truth & Reconciliation

   Complete Archive: These can be listened to online or downloaded as MP3

Interview w/ Peter Berger: insights on living in a pluralistic world. Hope for scientists & members of religious communities. [full transcript]

American Association for the Advancement of Science. [Site]

Dialogue on Science, Ethics & Religion.

They respect individual commitment to faith, atheism or philosophy: "Building on AAAS's long-standing commitment to relate scientific knowledge and technological development to the purposes and concerns of society at large, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) facilitates communication between scientific and religious communities."


I was fortunate to be a delegate in 1988 to Kalamazoo, MI, for the dedication of The Fetzer Foundation.


The Mind and Social Maturity: New book, Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain -- An Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind Ages 12-24. This is a key to recent brain imaging and psychology research and clinical experience that is helping people to a) understand what they are in the midst of if they are not yet 24, and, b) what was going on when they were younger and how to reclaim and heal the inner self from what was their personal version of the turmoil of teen years.  [My page on Routefinders -- which includes this book as important.]
Below: Dr. Siegel defines the Mind.

Added January 2014: Here is an interview in January 2014 of Dr. Daniel Siegel by Dianne Rehm; "Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain" -- click here for WAMU interview. Extra: Dr. Siegel's index page for that and other excellent interviews: Click here.

Working Definition of the Mind

The video below is a detailed presentation by NICABM lecturer Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., to the School of Personal Growth at Google University. His work is a superb explanation of what the Mind is.  [his site] about the brain and the mind and regulating health. We are hard-wired for Relationships. Our mind can be used to change the brain's way of functioning. [Also see: Dr. Siegel's "Wheel of Awareness" audio sessions.)

Coherence Therapy --
Recent psychology discovery of how to explain successful therapy and how to achieve permanent change in a person's life experience
Link to my page about Coherence Therapy on my Clinical site:
[Click here]



Tolerance: Our nation is a beacon to the world regarding religious tolerance and respect. During the time of the 2012 presidential election I posted the video below from the C-Span non-partisan video collection. This is the address that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton gave to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, on International Religious Freedom. It reminds me of the tensions and hopes swirling in our nation around the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. [Click here for C-Span page where you can follow the text timeline and the talk.]


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"Does the Universe Have a Purpose?": Guest essays invited by the John Templeton Foundation

InterFaith Radio: Interviews of members of various faiths.

Family Constellation Work

Science, Quantum Physics, Fractal Graphics

The Future of Einstein's Faith [link to website]

The Expanded Paradigm

Brain Health Resources 

Special Information for [my plan was to have a special section for each religion/philosophy]:
Atheist Agnostic Humanist Scientist Clergy Physician Student
Christian Jewish Islamic Buddhist Baha'i Huna Hindu






American Association of Pastoral Counselors: I joined the AAPC to honor the intimate association of body, mind and spirit and the need to serve each patient with respect for their preference for religion or philosophy.

Spiritual Directors International: "Tending the holy around the world and across traditions." I recently was introduced to this community and it seems to offer helpful resources for integrating many of the services that I offer with your own pathway of self-discovery through my counseling services. The buttons below lead to more information. [My services for Spiritual Directors and Seekers]

Mankind: The Story of All of Us

This is a new DVD series, from the History Channel, about humanity "on the brink of extinction." It seems very even-handed in the ways that it depicts human development. Here is the link to a page where you can play a video clip that shows women and men as they contribute to bring us to the world we live in today: Click here or on the image below. In light of other items on this page and on my internet sites, I feel very hopeful for each person to be able to work out their own life's progress.

I Don't Want You to Lose Your Faith
I Don't Want You to Lose Your Faith

[Expanded, New Year's transition 2012-2013] From considerations about Integrative Medicine and "Health Puzzles":

...Your Faith is a key to your healing. Whether it is a mainstream religion, Optimistic Atheism, Agnosticism or other philosophy, I want to support your sovereign control of your life. None of my work is intended to change anyone's mind about their faith and religious commitment.

...One of my principles is that Life is Relationship: -- To yourself, your family and community, the world around you and the Creation/Creator around it all and through it all.

Regarding Spirituality there are several factors I consider -- I appreciate them all: 

I will list a few –

>> The Singularity of the Christ event / The crucial Moslim message of the oneness and sovereignty of God / The grounding reminder from the Hebrews of the essential nature of community and respect for God's Law  

>> All of that was presaged by other world-views such as I encountered when I lived with First Nation/American Indian healers and Mountain Taoists whose "Medicine" was basically learning to know and follow Nature's laws.

>> The Optimistic Atheists I've known are impressed with the complexity of Life.

>> An observation from my Buddhist friend is that if you don't know about yourself and how Life works then there are natural laws dealing with repeating cycles of ignorance until you learn the lesson.

>> I will finish these introductory observations with some wisdom from a Sumerian text that is quoted in The Science of Homeopathy written by George Vithoulkas: He introduces it first --

…The human spirit is intimately connected with the physical organism in a single integrated totality… Despite modern trends to the contrary, this holistic perspective has been understood very clearly throughout history, as illustrated by the following quotation from a very ancient Sumari text:

“Honor your body, which is your representative in this universe. Its magnificence is no accident. It is the framework through which your works must come; through which the spirit and the spirit within the spirit speaks. The flesh and the spirit are two phases of your actuality in space and time. Who ignores one, falls apart in shambles. So it is written . . .”

-- The Sacred Script of the Covenant


Speaking "I am"
The seemingly simple process of saying the words, "I am", touches upon deep theology or philosophy as well as physiology and recent neuroscience.

The words may bring to your mind a teaching from your place of worship.

This may be something that you could explore doing yourself. Depending on your background saying those words may trigger important thoughts and feelings. Scholars and people of faith with whom I've spoken each would have profound descriptions of what those two words mean to them.

Physiology and Neuroscience give clues to other processes that can accompany saying "I am":
1. I point out to people that the process of speaking or singing causes vibration of the skull bones. This vibration can increase blood flow and lymph flow within the skull; some benefits of this would be improved nutrient flow to brain tissues and possibly support of the lymph system's "house cleaning" activities (
research paper on lymphatic perspective on CSF... [PDF]).
2. The New Brain Science researchers and clinicians might talk about the brain and the Mind being different from each other, and that speaking helps keep up the communication between brain and mind. I especially liked reading about the book, Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, by Dr. David Eagleman, who candidly stated that on a truly scientific basis he could not rule out the possibility of Creation.
3. Thinking about Stephen Porges' description of the Polyvagal Theory and the three-level Autonomic Nervous System [my introduction] I've come to understand the self-protective "ego" to be a set of memories about what keeps the individual safe/safer. The confident statement, "I am!", is a reminder to the self that their inner protector has succeeded so far in keeping them alive.

I close by saying again that my words and phrasing are intended to show my understanding of the mystery of life. Please take care to let go of whatever may be challenging for you. I do not want you to lose your faith.

Groan Therapy and The Hmmmmmm Prayer
1) Years ago I heard an interview with some nuns who practiced what I recall they called "Groan Therapy." This is simply to vocalize the sound of a groan or deep sigh. That certainly would vibrate the skull as I described above.

2) The Hmmmmm Prayer is a term that I made up here, but may be someone's trademarked concept. It is simply vocalizing the sound that may be The Universal Sound of Wonder. That would also vibrate the skull.

Each is relaxing and creates different sound patterns which resonate in the skull. Neither of these two has official sectarian religious ownership.
Recent Religious Liberty Resources that I've found
American Religious Freedom --
The Ethics and Public Policy Center [link]

Stanford University: Religious Liberty Clinic [link]
Below is the video link, click on picture -- or click here. Then click the right-side link on Video Playlist.
Be sure to see the note below about Mormons almost being murdered and eradicated by the Union troops before the Civil War broke out.

Stanford University: Religious Liberty Clinic

One of the speakers revealed that in the 1860s before the Civil War began, the US Army was massed in Utah and were preparing to kill all the Mormons. So it was a lucky thing that they were diverted to the east to fight the Confederates or else we would not have had a Mormon candidate for President in 2012.

Amardeep Singh
Sikh Coalition
Founder and National Programs Director

Judge Carlos Bea

U.S. Court of Appeals
Ninth Circuit

Michael McConnell

Stanford University Law Professor
Constitutional Law Center Director
Former Judge
US Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit, 2002-09

Hannah Smith
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
Senior Counsel

Rabbi Meir Soloveichik
Yeshiva University Center for Torah
Western Thought - Director
Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
New York City

James Sonne
Stanford Law School
Religious Liberty Clinic Director
Former Ave Maria Law School

Stanford University Law School
Palo Alto, California
From January 14, 2013


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The Last Lecture:
A moving testament to human creativity and resilience, this story of Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch is rich with meaning. He lived by what he believed. You can visit the website that honors his memory: The Last Lecture. Below is the video of his gift of wisdom to his children, his wife, and to all of us who are left to continue exploring and enjoying this gift of life. His passion for life is a model that I hope encourages more students to discover truths that will help explain and remove the threat of cancers [see Cancer Information]. His passion reminds me of my own career exploring healthcare [more]. Whatever your stance -- religious, spiritual, atheist, you will find a lot to contemplate in his book and this video:

The Last Lecture

The Invention of Air: An inspiring book

How American ingenuity and the freedom of inquiry led to the realization that we are surrounded by air. The author describes the proverbial goldfish in a bowl who do not know that they are surrounded by water. Humans are making amazing progress in understanding life and health; my practice is proof of that.

This encourages me about the new science that is developing around the discovery that we are also surrounded by energies. This includes the interpersonal webs of visual and mental interactions that are described by researchers and clinicians who are developing The New Brain Science. I describe additional aspects of this in the Human Energy Anatomy page. Other background: Autonomic Science [includes podcast and slide show on ANS and American ingenuity].

See also: Revici's Periodic Table | Klinghardt's Insights | I wanted to go into Space | The Healing Power of Nature

Science Friday interview on science, faith and the founding of America: [click here]

NPR "Talk of the Nation" interview backup: [click here]

Buy the book on [click here]

Steven Johnson's website: [click here]

Mars exploration program.
Recent confirmation of the power of intelligence and creativity. August 2012 landing.
(Especially meaningful to me was the parachute failure segment of the video -- I'd gone through Army Airborne training at Fort Benning while I was at the US Air Force Academy. I wanted to go to Space)

Watch Ultimate Mars Challenge on PBS. See more from NOVA.

 Added August 29 2014: "He said that he felt our prayers...," said his mother. Find her and listen to her. 
Today the world was introduced to the heart and mind of the women of America. We heard the intelligent and controlled and wise voice of the woman who brought James Foley into the world.

Even atheists such as Bruce Lipton and Norman Shealy know that there is a Field that surrounds the Earth and allows all people to share in connections of heart and mind.

We are now in a position to choose actions that can bring major transitions to the experiences of people worldwide.


Important exploration of "inner space"

The Secret Lives of the Brain
By neuroscientist David Eagleman.

He gives great credit to Dr. Steven Porges.

Interview by psychologist, David Van Nuys, of

NPR Interview of Dr. Eagleman, May 31, 2011

I was very impressed when I heard Dr. Eagleman state clearly that in his opinion a truly scientific approach could not definitively rule out the possibility of Creation. I hope that his open minded stance will help many more people choose to look at the new brain science [my introduction] that is helping to unravel what were formerly mysteries about human behavior.

Hopi Wisdom about the Cycles of Life and Challenges

Change Your World

Greening the Desert: Honest science gives Hope

[Permaculture Research Institute of Australia]


Science & Meaning of a Discovery: National Geographic Documentary

Baby Woolly Mammoth Discovery

Careful and respectful

investigation begins

Mammoth Meditation

How scientists look at meaning of discoveries

Mr. Rogers Wonders about The World [Love in action for kids]

New Fred Rogers Center [link]

The Omo people: Loving beauty

Play as Valuable for Adults for Healthy Social Development, Brain Health.
Book and Video of Stuart Brown, M.D.

My blog introduction: National Institute for PLAY

Stuart Brown on Play and Human Intelligence

Other people might say that just sitting around and playing video games all day might be unproductive, but psychiatrist Stuart Brown thinks differently. In this fascinating TED talk, Dr. Brown says that all kinds of play are necessary for intelligence and problem-solving.

The wisdom of many views of a place; this could be applied to views of healthcare too.

The National Cathedral; with Moon Rock Stained Glass Window (I wanted to go to Space)

Update November 2014: New honor program for all Veterans (photo #3 below). I've begun deepening my services to veterans, families and communities. Blog 1 | Blog 2


Terry Loll -- High school track star, friend. Served in 1968, led men. We're still alive, but deeply changed.

Tell me your story

You may feel like an awakening "Iceman" now rebuilding your life in a world that has changed during your time of survival shielding (such as PTSD, avoiding memories, etc.).
This is what neuroscience and psychotherapy can help you explore, safely.

These resources are about the background for men joining the military. Women also serve, however these resources point out the effects of the typically male drives behind becoming a member of the military:

1. Service and risk of self for the sake of others.
(I had been a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer Scout before joining the US Air Force Academy. At USAFA I was an assistant scoutmaster for base troop. Recently I've advocated for Boy Scouts requesting modification of the "Order of the Arrow" all-night vigil.)

This is the trailer for the movie: Master and Commander -- The Far Side of the World

[See also my support for Warrior Resilience Conference, Wounded Warriors -- Trauma Resources page]


2. Respecting the faith commitment (or no faith) of all who serve. [This page is about my commitment to respect--Return to top.] Click here or on the picture to visit the site of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.


Veterans or Active: "You may have been troubled by religious teachings you have received that sowed doubt and disrespect for either your superior officers or those underneath you in rank. Certain religious teachings can diminish your ability to trust the judgment of others who become suspect because of their lack of 'true faith.' Another possible challenge to your ability to fully carry out your duties is when your superiors or others in your unit hint at or outright declare that your faith or choice of no-faith is not up to par for Soldier Fitness. You can learn more about how to respect other's religious freedom, and if your religious freedom is being threatened, you now have an advocate: MRFF."  -- Dr. Wilson [Former US Air Force, MOS medical administration]

Additional writing about an expanded understanding of life: Expanded Paradigm | World Healing  |  Touching Nature

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