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SCENAR Industry Evolution


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The computerized assessment of skin resistivity was originally proposed by Yoshio Nakatani who derived the "Nakatani Points" and developed the "Ryodoraku" system of correlating the findings with the acupuncture meridians. (This is the basis for the AcuGraph, which I often use.)


Dr. Nakataki's work was observed in the 1950s by Dr. Voll, who then recognized the effect of homeopathic remedies upon the skin conductivity and subsequently developed the Electroacupuncture According to Voll.


So, first the Japanese (Nakatani), then the Germans (Voll), and then the Russians studied the correlations of skin electroconductivity with the ancient system called "acupuncture."


Dr. Wilson has studied with the original SCENAR device, as well as the Tennant Biomodulator.


The trademark SCENAR has been the center of careful negotiations and corporate control over the use of the name has finally been achieved. For those who are interested in the original SCENAR and training and possible purchase of the technology, according to recent communications I have received, the original SCENAR is now the property of Scenar Health. You can contact them for further information: SCENAR Health. They are connected with RITM SCENAR Institute.


I consider the SCENAR to be a very useful tool when used by highly trained individuals in accordance with their intricate protocols.


The evolution of "body energy medicine" and its relationship with the homeopathic phenomenon is fascinating to study. Another important technology that sprang from the original discovery of Dr. Nakatani is the ONDAMED.


All of these technologies are assessing and treating the human energy system. Any of these technologies has the potential to be used in a very beneficial way for an individual patient. It is up to the individual to study the information and make their own choice about which they wish to use for their next step along the healing journey. I recommend that people experience more than one of these so that they have more opportunity to discover what works best for them.'


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