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The Biomodulator: Notes on why it is Effective

[From Jerry Tennant, M.D.: www.sEnergyMedicalGroup.com]


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The Connection Between the Autonomic Nervous System and the Pathway to Disease


The Autonomic Nervous System can be considered as a significant influence on the Pathway to Disease. It is helpful to understand that the principal control mechanism of the body is the autonomic nervous system. It has two parts, sympathetic (fight or run) and parasympathetic (eat and sleep). When the sympathetic turns on, the parasympathetic turns off.


The sympathetic is turned on by the following mechanisms:


>> You are really in danger of being hurt (some type of abuse)

>> You feel in danger or you feel victimized (In a Box).

>> Your pH is acidic = too much calcium in the blood and too little magnesium and potassium in the body.

>> You become allergic to the foods you eat = wheat (gluten), corn, dairy and eggs are the most common because we tend to expose ourselves to them every day.

>> You become toxic to something in the environment

>> Actual trauma or pain


When we are sympathetic-on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we develop typical chronic disease and chronic fatigue. Parasympathetic shutdown means we don’t make enzymes and don’t have normal blood supply and innervation to the gut because the blood is sent to the muscles so we can fight or run better. That means that even if we eat a perfect diet and take $100 worth of nutriceuticals a day, they won’t be absorbed. Parasympathetic shutdown also means the large intestine won’t work. Its main function is to conserve water. As the digestive sludge is delivered to the large intestine, it normally extracts the water. Without normal innervation and with a poor blood supply, this doesn’t work well. There develops a waxy, oily coating of the large intestine. The wall of the gut becomes leaky and inflamed creating a leaky gut syndrome. This allows large molecule proteins to enter the blood, causing allergies. The blood tries to excrete them through the sinuses creating sinusitis. The debris invites Candida albicans yeast and parasites to live there because they like to eat the waxy, oily debris. Killing them does little thus they will keep returning until the parasympathetic system is re-activated.


When the sympathetic system is turned on, it also turns on all of the endocrine glands so that we can fight or run better. The brain makes more serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. The thyroid makes more hormone to increase metabolism. The parathyroid makes more hormone to increase calcium which is necessary for nerve conduction and muscle contraction. The pancreas makes more insulin. The adrenals make more cortisol so more sugar is available. They also make more adrenalin. The gonads make more sex hormones which make us stronger. As we run out of nutrients, since the gut doesn’t absorb them, we run out of raw materials to make hormones.


Since hormones are made from fat, the recent ridiculous low-fat diet craze doesn’t help either. In addition to not having the proper building blocks to make hormones, the endocrine glands also just wear out from running 24/7. That means the brain can’t think, our metabolism slows down so we gain weight we can’t lose, lack of adrenalin makes it hard for us to deal with stress, lack of cortisol and insulin makes us hypoglycemic, and lack of sex hormones makes us impotent and then disinterested in sex. In addition to the endocrine glands, the sympathetic system turns on the immune system. It also runs 24/7 and wears out. We are then susceptible to both external infections and internal infections (the pleomorphic endobionts). Now we are set up for chronic fatigue and then organ failure. We are susceptible to all sorts of infections. Because our brain doesn’t have the chemicals to think and we are low on adrenalin, we go from anxiety to anger to depression to anxiety to anger to depression. This causes our relationships to fail with our spouse, our parents, our children, our co-workers and our God. This is what I call the Pathway to Disease.


The degenerative phase causes the organ to slowly malfunction. Over time, total failure of the function of the organ is followed by organ death. To recover from the adaptation and degeneration of an organ system, it must be re-connected to the central nervous system or the recovery will only be temporary (no on-going) maintenance. This is most effectively accomplished with the use of the SCENAR. In either an acute injury or a chronic adaptation, the inductance of the skin over the troubled area will be elevated. Once we balance the autonomic system, the gut will start absorbing nutrients, the endocrine glands will rest and recover, the immune system will recover, and the body will be able to heal itself.