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A Life-Sciences Pioneer

Emanuel Revici, M.D.

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Emanuel Revici, M.D. 

Website honoring him, by his supporters: www.ReviciMedical.com  

[A Request: please use Google.com search to search for Emanuel Revici, the more "hits" the better in getting him listed -- Google notes items searched for. That major website was NOT listed on a Google search; but my website is.] I knew him personally, he even treated me for a while, a noble clinician and tireless teacher.

ReviciMedical article on Cancer: Causes and Implications for Treatment.

Dr. Emanuel Revici

His understanding of the Periodic Table of the Elements is an important way of looking at electromagnetic dynamics of elements and can guide in choosing the best way to balance body biochemistry. 

"In Memoriam" from Townsend Letter to Doctors and Patients:

Testimonial to Dr. Revici's importance to humanity. They said:

His concept of the dynamic antagonism between electrostatic and quantum forces derived from his roughly contemporaneous adaptation of the major conceptual "revolutions" in theoretical physics during the first decades of the 20th century. This may distinguish him as the first research clinician to synthesize classic Newtonian and modern nuclear physics in applications to biological science and medicine.



Dr. Emanuel Revici

Revici's Periodic Table of Elements

View larger. [includes link to downloadable print version]


New: Upgraded, interactive chart online: >> Periodic Table (Roy Alexander's)


Cancer was his focus, but I cite him here because the energy relationships he saw are crucial to the unified approach I believe is possible if all these disciplines are seen as parts of a whole. 


His genius in disclosing relationships of the elements of the periodic table to different aspects of the body, physiology, and more (read his writings) has given us a chance to more logically approach how to optimize health in general. This is far more than a way to devise cancer treatment. It helps us direct our efforts to provide the materials for effective metabolism and interacting with the world around us.


Application of Dr. Revici's work as described by Nutri-Spec company, their products can be used in line with his insights:  Nutri-Spec (www.Nutri-Spec.net). Their newsletters talk about Dr. Revici: 1) "A magic wand..." (www.royalrife.com/0997.html and 2) "Put the bounce back in diurnal cycle..." ( http://www.nutri-spec.net/nl/2001-07.html). 


Application of his insights: Metabolic Typing: www.metabolictesting.com/WHAT/index2.html 


Dr. Revici's work is an important part of the work of the Alternative & Integrative Medicine clinic.


The recent book, The Man Who Cures Cancer, is more easy to follow than his intriguing book (which I highly recommend to any scientific-minded practitioner or graduate student beginning your career), Research in Physiopathology as a Basis of Guided Chemotherapy With Special Applications to Cancer.


Message shared by a father, now healthcare practitioner, whose life was enriched by knowing Dr. Revici, who cared for his daughter: 

I had the great privilege of working with Dr. Revici for 3 years when my daughter Isabella had cancer, supported him during the time when his medical license was taken, on the behalf of all who sought the freedom to choose the healthcare of their choice and for Dr. Revici and other alternative practitioners my family was spotlighted on a current affair show and I testified at a senate hearing, and then went to his 100th birthday party.

The Dr. Revici that I knew was a great man that helped many people, he was a genius, kind to all (with a special affection to children and those who were ill), he was honest, a true friend, loyal to his clients, straightforward, compassionate, mysterious, odd man to many, a hard worker, a dedicated true to the craft scientist who was driven to find cures for all those who had lost hope with conventional methods, on a path to serve all of humankind, and a peaceful loving individual.

I could say more but I will just say that Dr. Emmanuel Revici was one man who inspired me to be who I am today and is still a large part of my developmental process as a physical and spiritual being in service to all of humankind. He taught me to keep listening to God and looking for solutions, to ignore the skeptics and to never give up hope no matter what.

God worked through this great man to assist those who had lost hope after they were given a death sentence by the standard medical system. Dr. Revici never was credited by the medical society for his work, but received heartfelt gratitude from his success with clients and of course had all the enjoyment from doing what he loved to do most, serve others.

The work he left is still a mystery to many but perhaps if in fact we were to focus on it we could obtain the invaluable information needed to understand his methods and continue on this healing path generated by his many years of experience.

Many conventional practitioners marveled at his methods after they researched them, others tried to shut him down out of fear (many of them never even researched his methods) after the patients they failed to assist went to Revici and had success with his methodology.

Dr. Revici revealed to me a clue before he died (after I asked him what he was working on when he was scribbling formulas & notes on a piece of paper) he said he believed that he was on a path that would be the answer to all disease. He told me about this and I still ponder these secret clues revealed only to me possibly. I still do not have an answer to his riddle but perhaps I will tell someone else, so this possible hope is not lost, but only when I feel safe with someone so that it will be used only to help those in need instead of feeding the machine that continues to destroy all universal beings and the environment that they live within.

God is certainly great as he introduced me to this great man. Dr. Revici will always be honored by our family members and I hold a special place in my heart for him always.

Peace and Love,

Vernon L. Morin Jr.

President and Founder

MORIN LABORATORIES, INC. (www.MorinLabs.com)  



Revici's Natural Cancer Protocol: As reported in the Wellbeing Journal.


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