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The Reverse Speech Phenomenon 


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Reverse Speech phenomenon:


This is a major discovery in human health science. It ought to qualify for a Nobel Prize in neurophysiology, or some prestigious recognition. The work of David John Oates reveals that sound-bytes of intelligent speech can be heard when recorded speech is played backwards. 


Check his web site and literature for greater details. The Professional Reverse Speech Software can be downloaded for a free trial. Also, listen to examples of "reversals" heard when playing recorded speech backwards, such as O.J. Simpson, or Bob Dole, or Bill Clinton:


When I first heard him describe the discovery, I thought of craniosacral therapy immediately when he said that he can detect these "reversals" every 10 to 12 seconds. This is virtually the same rate as Upledger's 6 to 12 times a minute. 


I am convinced that the rhythm of the cranial fluids and the pressure changes that this causes in the skull and on the brain is the basis for the reverse flow of speech.


We all have this going on since childhood (he has some sound clips of pre-verbal babies making intelligent statements when their "babbling" is played in reverse). We are not aware of this reverse communication but our subconscious probably hears the talk from other people. This may be the explanation for much of "intuition" when people can "sense" what is behind another person's forward speech. 


Because I have witnessed changes in the rate of cranial movement when homeopathic preparations are brought near to the body, I think there should be research into the effects of homeopathy on the reverse speech phenomenon.


Reverse Speech Enterprises, 800-3-REVERSE.


[Note as of August 2005] I continue to be very impressed with the discovery. It is actually a basic science discovery, one of the important descriptions of how the human body and mind interact.


I include Reverse Speech in my earlier essay on how many seemingly unrelated "alternative medicine" disciplines are interrelated: "...Pieces to the Puzzle"


Implications for psychology and counseling are important, as is evident from his website. Check out his book "It's Only A Metaphor", and other offerings on his website:


The potential for other valuable integration of this phenomenon -- into health care areas and our understanding of what it is to be human -- remains to be discovered.