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Rayid: Emotional-Spiritual Iridology

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Best Introductory Site

Excellent overview of Rayid.


I find that the organ-emotion correlations described in Chinese Medicine are consistent with the emotions as mapped out in the Rayid system. I hope that sometime in the future there will be a more formal integration of the two models.

From the introductory site above: 

The iris (the coloured circle in the middle of the eyeball) can be interpreted as a map of your life. The Rayid model is a means of interpreting the symbols on the map to better understand the interactions which make up events and circumstances we experience in life. Especially powerful are pointers and guidelines to what we can do to take the sting out of life's trials and tribulations.

The first step is to decide on the structure of the irises in question. You can choose from four basic structures - Rayid refers to these as Stream, Flower, Jewel and Shaker iris structures.

These structures are presented below ... Please be aware that most irises are a combination of types. However, as we're just starting out, it will be easier if you are content with identifying the most prominent characteristics and using these to determine the structure. [link to that site]

From earlier workshop -- Rayid Iridology: Founded by Denny Ray Johnson

The Iris as Key to Whole-Person Health / groundwork of Family Birth Order Dynamics 



Denny Johnson presented an excellent learning experience.


[description for earlier event:] The basic foundation workshop we just had will be repeated in ____. You will be impressed by the self-awareness and transformation this work produces in each person who attends. You will begin to understand the work you can do with others when using this approach. His training includes effective techniques for self-awareness and improved family dynamics that flow out into the community. He gives information that you can use right away. 

Combined with his books and charts, you will continue learning on your own.





Denny Johnson via Rayid.

Web site: www.Rayid.com