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Rudi Verspoor, Homeopath and Writer

[from seminar I organized in 1999]

Hahnemann Center/College/Clinic for Heilkunst

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This event was held at Bastyr University.
Author of Homeopathy Renewed and other texts that reveal the Complete Medical System that Hahnemann developed by the time of his death, Rudi Verspoor gave a great seminar.
I gave him an award for the important work he is doing to update the understanding of Hahnemann's discoveries.

Dr. Harris Coulter, author of Divided Legacy, was our Guest of Honor. But he could not attend due to a stroke he suffered during the planning. We tried hard to get him here, but sent him the poster-sized Get Well card we all signed for him.
Click Here to go to my pages describing homeopathy and some relations to energy medicine theory. This link is to a timeline of homeopathy, and includes the formation of the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst in 1999.