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Vibrational Medicine Seminar

With backing by Burton Goldberg -- 1989

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Below: See video of Dr. Benveniste about microdilutions and the homeopathic phenomenon

See also on this website: Microcircuit Research of Dr. Nordenstrom | The Vis medicatrix naturae | Homeopathy Science

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Addendum, October 2013: Burton Goldberg video about Cancer and Integrative Medicine options after a diagnosis. Embedded from his site:



Dr. Richard Gerber and Dr. Jacques Benveniste received awards for their work. I especially appreciated being able to give an award to courageous Dr. Benveniste for his work with micro-dilutions. He showed that human white blood cells "attacked" (degranulated releasing Histamine) a liquid solution of an antigen that had been diluted greatly (no molecules theoretically remaining). This essentially validated the existence of the homeopathic phenomenon. See also: Homeopathy Science.



Addition, from 2009 trip to Seattle area

Diagnosis Unknown

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 I spent a delightful weekend at the country home of a couple who went through devastating illness over many years.

Their search for answers brought them through standard western medicine and then into the new landscape of alternative and complementary medicine.

The answers -- A major part of their success came from dealing with dental traumas, and with using the EAV/Computron technology of Doug Leber

Please view the description of initial skepticism of Jacques Benveniste, M.D., about homeopathy in the video about below.*  His presentation at that VMS Seminar was suppressed by the Christian owner of the audio recording company that I'd contracted with to record and then sell the presentation audio. That owner refused stating that "He made an anti-Christian statement", which was only Dr. Benveniste's statement that he did not need the "crutch" of God to explain phenomena that cannot yet be explained in terms of current western science. There are likely other videos online about his research.