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Some Photos from Events

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Below: Play as Medicine | Beaverchief memories

In Hilo, Hawai'i visiting a Bed and Breakfast that I may recommend for Wellness Vacations.

American Association for the Advancement of Science [link] lecture, July 2011
Science and Democracy: Meeting the Challenge

Warrior Resilience Conference III [more info]

Two Heroes, in movie, Restrepo.

Welcome to the Washington National Cathedral: "For all faiths and perspectives"
See Cathedral window with Moon rock from NASA [bottom of page here] | Science and Spirituality

Washington National Cathedral: Springtime 2010

Indoor Climbing, February 2010

NES ProVision Update Weekend January 2010

June 2007

Thinking Outside the Box: Re-Designing Our Health Care System. Co-Sponsors: The Gesundheit! Institute; Emory Medical School; The School for Designing a Society. Baltimore, February 2009

Play: It's good medicine!!

Washington National Zoological Park May 2006

Washington DC -- April 2005 

From 42nd World Congress for the Integration of All Medicines

Washington DC 2004

Washington, DC April 2005

Washington DC 2004, Dedication of Museum of the American Indian

Dragon seen traveling the grounds of the National Mall: dedication ceremony for the Museum of the American Indian

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Washington, DC April 2004


NIHA Public Presentation

Washington, DC February 2003




With Elaine DeLack, R.N. and a pharmacist who were doing research with the Procarin patch for M.S. In the Seattle area, 1997

At an M.S. Support Group

Seattle, 1997


At a talk on Dental Dangers

With George Meinig, DDS ~ 1996

Biological Dentistry


Spirituality, Health & Medicine

Graduate Certificate Program 1999-2000

Bastyr University, Seattle, WA

My New OfficeOffice Dedication ~1994

w/Bill Mitchell, N.D.; Seattle, WA

[image copyrighted 1994]

Office Dedication


Seattle, WA

Smudging Ceremony by Beaverchief

Memorial to Beaverchief


Also see his friend: Johnny Moses, story-telling medicine:

Computerized Acumanikin

Shanghai College of TCM, 1993

I opened negotiations for Bastyr U. to purchase this fascinating learning tool (with lighted acupoints and computer-driven display, complete with quiz function on computer desktop display)

China Study | Taoist Mountain Temple

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