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Photo Album

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Below: Rapid access to selected documents of interest


Pictures of Touchpoints with Nature

National Museum of the American Indian

Some Photos at Various Events in the Past
Some Pictures about my wish to go into the space program
Photos from event that Burton Goldberg helped to develop: my work to promote the Energy
Medicine paradigm: the Vibrational Medicine Seminar
1. Photos from my study and making presentations while in China

2. Presentation to Bastyr Acupuncture Department director after I returned from China
Photos from seminar on "Heilkunst"
approach to Homeopathy and Chronic
Disease. With special tribute to Harris
Coulter, Ph.D.
Rapid Access Links to PDF documents that I may wish to share:
1. Presentation: CDC Health Fair, 2007 -- My integration of natural medicine [PDF]
"The Autonomic Nervous System: How Health Happens" [click here: PDF]
3. Slide Show for talk above [click here PDF].
4. The Autonomic Nervous System as part of  the human experience:
[Click Here: MP3 audio file] [MP3, 22MB] A fast-paced review for our clinic staff about the complex "Inner Protector" and how it helps and hinders your free expression of dynamic health 
Please note that this talk does not include "Part 2" in which I intend to tell them about homeopathy and the higher levels of influence on the ANS so that the "Inner Protector" is not the negotiator and that there are higher energies to consider.  >> Autonomic Science Section