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Philosophy of Health & Medicine

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I am trained in several ways of looking at life, health, illness and recovery. It is important to have a "map" when embarking on the journey of improving one's health. I started this page to present key concepts to help you choose options to support your health. For instance, I have been trained in using medical laboratory tests to guide my decisions and I apply these within a Functional Medicine context. I also consider the factor of the energies of life -- both physical and mental energies. Recent neuroscience discoveries reveal important connections between mind and body.

Additional essays: The Expanded Paradigm and The Physics of Information Transfer; also see Biofeedback | The Invention of Air | Energy Anatomy.

Conditions Treated: I do work with people who have serious health conditions. However, I do this by focusing on supporting their innate self-healing powers rather than by attacking a labeled "disease." [more]

Viewing yourself as having Three Control Systems to control your life: On my blog.


In recent discussions with colleagues about the basics of human health problems we have narrowed them down to two areas to deal with (at least at the surface level):

1) Neurotoxicity: All the toxins--chemical as well as toxic relationships, fears, etc.--that stress us;

2) Dysautonomia: Autonomic Nervous System signaling improperly controlling our responses to the stress factors.

Treatments are then required to include changing the Epigenetic surroundings so that the person's genetic expression is optimized.

Below are several additional concepts that I placed on this page earlier when I created this website as a conversation with visitors. [Thanks to Thirsty-Fish Story Marketing.]


Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle for Human Freedom

By Richard Leviton. This book presents us with the chance to consider the spiritual aspects of illness and healing and how they intersect with the different paradigms of medicine. It is a perfect addition to our conversation about "energy anatomy" and the need for an "expanded paradigm" that includes use of homeopathic treatment as part of integrative care plans.

Leviton compares the allopathic form of medicine where the "physician" is separate and apart from the ill person, with alternative medicine where the physician assists the patients in their self-healing. The difference between the two ultimately turns on the question of power and who has it -- outside forces or the patients themselves.  [book review]

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image. Leonard Shlain, M.D.

Stunning insights into the past history of science with hope for a more integrated approach to health and life in the future thanks to new discoveries.

The author later said that writing this book led to a powerful insight about how the computer was changed from data-only when Apple Macintosh gave us a graphics-based way to "cut and paste", "drag and drop" and other "Right-Brain" ways of dealing with information. Humanity now has the chance to honor both the female and male, the Right-Brain and Left-Brain aspects of creativity.

Interview on New Dimensions Media: "The Human Brain: Evolving Toward Kindness"

5-Levels Map (Model) to Guide Healing


Popularized by:

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.


The role of Science to explain Integrative Medicine and techniques not yet fully understood -- such as acupuncture and homeopathy --  is very important and I refer to it often. Let us continue my discussion with several topics to help you make your way in this important time in history with its multiple options for improving health.

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Expanding the Paradigm

A wider view of how life works is dramatically improving health care.

I am convinced the changes needed are relatively small.

[Update: I'm impressed with the difficulty in doing this and so have removed most of this page.]


Please also read: Understanding Your Health and Health Concerns. It will help you get more familiar with the working of your body and mind, and with your individuality in response to health challenges and to treatments.

Five Levels Map (Model) to Guide Healing: This graphic map -- has been very useful for me. You can visualize these as layers (as in the graphic) or as concentric Shells. I consider it critical that a practitioner think on many levels when evaluating and treating patient concerns. 

Spirituality: This important aspect of human experience is a subject for the Counseling aspect of my practice, and it also pervades the way I conduct my practice as a whole: Essay on my respect for spirituality and health | Science and Spirituality.

Science:  Ultimately, I expect Science [true science, objective, respecting all that is -- including the human need for social and spiritual endeavors] will have a model that covers all we need for health care. I believe that the future capabilities of Science will allow us to explain the success of models that are not yet called Scientific. Note: Let me say right off that I am in the dynamic situation of thinking/believing there is what can be called God/the Ineffable/Universal Connectedness, and enjoy people of no faith and people of deep faith equally well. I hope you the reader can understand or look past this dynamic dual nature of my stance on the issue of Science and Spirituality. For some excellent science-related links, see here, also linked below.

My hopes for healthcare philosophy

It is my hope that there will soon be enough scientific information for wide acceptance of a model of life called an "Energy Medicine Paradigm." Many people today are calling for such a model; it would include chaos/pattern/complexity theory, quantum physics and more. It would honor the wisdom of native cultures from around the world and treatments that are effective even if not fully understood.

Western laboratory testing can help us learn about function of the body. I appreciate Orthomolecular Medicine/Orthomolecular Psychiatry techniques. Often I choose a Biological Dentistry vantage point for understanding the patient's situation. Sometimes I choose a treatment by using Oriental medicine or Ayurvedic medicine assessments. Sometimes my training in Cranio-Sacral therapy and massage guides me. Sometimes my understanding of Homeopathy helps to make sense of a puzzling condition. Sometimes I draw upon what I learned from a Shamanic healer, or some other approach. In addition I want to know your own techniques or understanding of spirituality; you are in charge of your own life.

The pragmatic approach--of doing what brings the quickest results, or addressing issues that are most often found--brings me to agree with Klinghardt in constructing a "short list" to look at first. The three most frequent stressors he has identified include (1) infections/infestations, (2) toxic compounds such as heavy metals, and (3) psycho-emotional factors. My own list of the main factors to consider as the "shackles" holding us back from full health is sketched as: Toxins / Microbes / Memories / Lifestyle / Exercise / Environment / Accidents [and surgery] / Genetics. [See Shackles Model essay.]

It is important to remember that throughout history many important discoveries about health were originally shunned by the scientists of that time because they did not conform to their model of how life works. Our challenge today is to decide what will work for you, even though Science may not yet have the tools to fully explain why. I will work with you to plan your next steps in health care.


I want to encourage young N.D. graduates of four-year schools to consider the "energy medicine" approaches, acumeridian therapies, and study and research them if possible. 

Dr. John Bastyr himself was a stock-holder in "BodyScan, Inc.": a company that intended to make a chair in which the patient sat and had light rays beamed in front of them, with receivers on the other side that would capture the light beam and see how it was changed in character by the vibrations of the person's energy field that surrounds each of us. I took a tour of the facility and heard their investment presentation. The company eventually went bankrupt. However, knowing that Dr. Bastyr invested in the possibility of scientific validation of the energies he could sense is a powerful motivator for me.

Illustration of BodyScan Principle [BodyScan, Inc. -- 1980s]

The company's scientists designed a test room in which a person would sit and have beams of light passed from one side to the other. The sensor on the other side of the body would detect changes in the light as a result of its interaction with the field surrounding the body. This company offered stock to investors. The company later disbanded. A notable investor in this technology was John Bastyr, D.C.,N.D., whose name is honored at Bastyr University.

My latest hope is that Autonomic Nervous System monitoring using Heart Rate Variability technology may be the way to objectively document the changes currently assessed using Applied Kinesiology and Autonomic Response testing.  I think that the HRV Live! technology may be the breakthrough in proof that he and others sought. [Update: September 2011: The AcuGraph digital meridian imaging adds an important set of new data about the body's intricate energy dynamics -- More on clinical site.]


This web site includes graphics and links to science sites that give a glimpse of the many facets I consider. [See Educational Resources and Science Background.] You will also find links to a variety of sites based on approaches that are not based upon the "typical allopathic western medical model." I feel safe in letting you look at these, especially when I say that virtually all of these make sense when understood in light of the greater paradigm I and many others are developing. Any treatments recommended through these links are not necessarily endorsed by me, especially if they do not understand the effects of toxins such as mercury, or the effects of energy flow on physiology [microcurrents as well as geomagnetic/"circadian" pulls from sun and moon], etc.

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