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Earlier page focusing on the benefits of Homeopathy & Heilkunst for deep health benefits

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Once you understand the need to support both the physical and the energy aspects of children, then the task becomes more clear.

Virtually all children today are at risk for being on the Autism Spectrum. It's just that many have "high Tolerance" and do not show the effects of the devastating shocks and traumas that cause some to break down earlier in life. See new DVD, "Tolerance Lost."

Dr. Ralph Wilson:

My observation after forty years in the healthcare field.

Update: Recent development of the Detoxi-Genomics profile and other Functional Medicine testing may give us the key to find out who is susceptible to major problems after toxic exposures.

More insights: For dedicated parents

New Recommendation re vaccine injury:  "Take photos!" [see announcement]

Also: Site reporting "The SIDS Eradication" experience in Australia (Vitamin C helped)

Below: Mercury dangers reported in research that has been poorly publicized.

Gardasil: Microcompetition with DNA in vaccination. Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease. Free book and information about chronic illness.

Genetic Support Testing, with Functional Medicine

Recent advances now make it possible to test children (and adults) to tell which gene functions may need to be compensated for in order to guard against possible adverse reactions to medications including vaccination stress. This is because we now can test for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP's) that alter the efficiency of the body's detoxification pathways. If a person's gene structure is one of several that have been identified as requiring support, then they can take precautions in advance to support their body's protection and defense against toxic stress.
Note: Having a SNP does not mean the person will have a problem, if they take precautions.

More: Functional Medicine

Protect our children. Dr. Sandra Steingraber  shares about cancer and the environment that pushes so many people into "the cancer experience." Breast Cancer Lecture [text]

Introducing Tracy Freeman, M.D. -- She is a mother who is dedicated to helping children with autism and related conditions. She can see general pediatric patients as well. Dr. Freeman has recently begun seeing patients at NIHA in Washington DC.

Holistic Medical Physician

Practice Philosophy:
Dr. Freeman’s desire to help children with ASD and their families, coupled with her belief that parents and future parents are the true guiding force of their child’s health, have led her to develop a practice that empowers parents in their own well-being and that of their children.

Areas of Focus:
Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies, Holistic Pediatrics and Pre-Pregnancy Preparation, and Women's Health

[more: her biography on NIHA internet site]

Visit the Hug Your Baby site: "Reading your baby's body language"

The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing

by Allyson McQuinn, DMH

Now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst & homeopathy, Allyson McQuinn came through harrowing and uplifting experiences with behavioral problems in her child and severe health conditions herself. This is a story of triumph of one person, but also of an understanding of Natural Law that is offering humanity a deeper opportunity for healing than ever before recognized. It describes what true Disease is, how illness is generated, what is a Constitution, what are Miasms, the Journey, and "Facing the Shadow." She works with families that are touched by Autism/ASD. >> Book description and endorsement.

See also:  Craniosacral Therapy | Developmental Movement Therapy

Author's Internet Site  |  Autism Testimonials by Parents

Book review and endorsement

A growing number of homeopathic practitioners are applying the complete system of care that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann began to map out. The care of children becomes much more straightforward once their parents and doctor begin including referrals for the Heilkunst overview that guides the choices for which options for care are most supportive of the natural self-healing strengths of the child. >> Human Energy Anatomy (my description)

Factors to Consider:

Healthy Core Constitution: From an early age, even at birth, the child's basic personality begins to become apparent. This is a healthy part of the child and does not need to be treated to remove it. This "constitutional archetype" needs to be recognized and strengthened. The Law of Similars can be used to explain the choice of homeopathic remedy for this. >> Personality Types

Iatrogenic Disease: Every non-homeopathic medication that is given to the child leaves an imprint upon his or her inner cellular energy memory. This includes vaccinations. The shocks of these can be treated using the homeopathy/Heilkunst principles. The Law of Similars is applied here also.


Chronic Miasms: These act as if they were "computer viruses" that invade the "computer" of the human being. They always cause stress, usually mild and imperceptible until later times when the body's defenses may become weakened with age. Of note, the "Lyme Miasm" now seems to be a major factor in the symptoms of "Autism Spectrum Disorders" (see below *). The Law of Similars applies. >> More

Chthonic Disease: The "energy diseases" in this category lead to disturbance of a child's happiness and cause deep fear. The reactions can result in "hot stream" conditions of hyperactivity, or "cold stream" conditions of withdrawal. The Law of Similars applies. >> More

Supportive "Regimen": This includes everything other than homeopathic energy medicines. Food, sleep, hygiene, fresh air, sunshine, loving presence of parent and caregivers. Nutritional supplements are included here, especially the new use of a hyaluronic acid product for autism. This is applied using the Law of Opposites [supplying what is missing, and removing toxins, etc.].

Note: The effects of toxins such as Mercury from mother's amalgam dental fillings, or from ones placed into children (while Mercury fillings are still legal) may cause major health problems. Another source of stress is the additives in vaccines such as Aluminum and Mercury. Vaccines | Biological Dentistry/Mercury


Addition 2014: Dr. McQuinn, Author of The Path to Cure, has written a home first aid information page about Childhood Fevers:

"...Please help share this resource with others (at who may be interested in solving the root cause of their child’s illness or fever without causing an ounce of harm. I appreciate your help with this."-- Dr. McQuinn 

Children's Developmental Challenges: Once the Heilkunst/Integrative Homeopathy model is applied, these are methodically treated and the child's health is more clearly understood. This process gradually leads the child back to self-awareness and regaining control after treating Chronic Miasms and Chthonic diseases.

* Lyme and Autism: The authors of this book began using the approach that I call "Integrative Homeopathy" with autistic children and pioneered the classification of the Chthonic Diseases. They then extended their clinical work and identified a Chronic Miasm labeled the Lyme Miasm (or the Borrelia Miasm).

The pervasive nature of Lyme and Autistic Spectrum Disorders leads me to recommend that all children be considered at risk for disturbance of brain health and behavior. For me, the ASD "spectrum" includes all children, and only the lucky ones do not show evidence of the many stresses and toxins that affect all children in our modern world.  >> More

Book Cover - Autism and Heilkunst

[An important note about the Sustentive side of human conditions, including Autism/ASD:]

I spoke at the IABC Congress honoring Dr. Nordenström. Stunning information was presented by many speakers. The DVD, "Tolerance Lost", by Andrew Moulden, M.D., reveals a major factor in the development of autism symptoms.

Biophysics, clinical applications and future possibilities that have sprung from the discoveries of Björn Nordenström, M.D. 

Information shared included Zeta Potential; sobering discoveries about vaccine additives and brain cell injury in Autism and more. Sites of other and Zeta Research.

NOTE: Dr. Moulden told me that he has been denounced by the Canadian medical authorities and that attempts have been made to remove his information from the internet, or to hack his website and replace it with a look-alike. The links on this page may not be current by the time you read this. ADDENDUM: Recently we found this site some of Dr. Moulden's videos.

[more information]

How to Recognize Vaccine Reactions [PDF]

Brain Mapping


"Increasing Intelligence" PDF

The NIHA center was considering joining with a place that was called Crossroads Center to offer brain mapping and brain retraining therapy. I was very impressed with the technology because it gives me hope that we can retrain the brains of children, and adults, who have been injured by a variety of events. The Testimonials page is stunning.

Note: Crossroads is no longer in the Washington DC area. There are now other resources that Dr. Wilson incorporates into integrative medicine care for traumatic brain injury and brain health support.

I have made arrangements with local DC area clinics, see:

Brain Mapping Resources


Click on pictures to view:

Retrain the Brain Medication-Free


Testimonials from Clients of the Crossroads Center.

Movement, Play

Activity is part of normal development and I can talk about this with parents. Some topics we can discuss include:

Movement and Orgone Therapy: The American College of Orgonomy carries on the work of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. He showed the importance of the environment around the child and the "armoring" that develops in response to shocks and traumas. >> A.C.O. on Raising Healthy Children

Doctors of Medical Heilkunst are skilled at assessing for what are called character analysis factors and helping guide the growth of healthy body awareness (this is good for adults too!).

Developmental Movement Therapy: Whether for treatment to improve brain/neurological health or for a reminder of how important it is for kids to play and be active, this tells us the importance of creeping, crawling, and coordination activities. More on Developmental Movement Therapy.

A reminder of the children whose health struggles give us the incentive to learn more so that we can help more people in the future.

Cameron Allen, Courageous Human Being

for his hope to help other people by his example [videos]

New video about threats to children's brains and personalities: [parent site:]

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt was scheduled to speak in London at a major conference on autism.

[description on his site]

Mercury dangers for living organisms:

For those who are concerned about the effects of Mercury (which comprises 52% of Amalgam fillings, 14% is Silver), here are some peer-reviewed papers that bring grave concern about the use of Mercury ("thermerosal") as an antibacterial in vaccines and other products: [Placed online by health advocate Tim Bolen of -- on this page.]

Olczak M, et al.. Persistent behavioral impairments and alterations of brain dopamine system after early postnatal administration of thimerosal in rats. Behavioural Brain Research (2010), doi:10.1016/j.bbr.2011.04.026,

Hewitson L, et al. Delayed Acquisition of Neonatal Reflexes in Newborn Primates Receiving a Thimerosal-Containing Hepatitis B Vaccine: Influence of Gestational Age and Birth Weight. J. Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 2010; 73: 1298-1313,

Dorea JG. Integrating Experimental (In Vitro and In Vivo) Neurotoxicity Studies of Low-Dose Thimerosal Relevant to Vaccines. Neurochem Res. 2011 Jun; 36(6): 927-38. [Epub 2011 Feb 25],

Olczak M, et al. Lasting Neuropathological Changes in Rat Brain After Intermittent Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal. Folia Neuropathologica 2010; 48(4): 258-269,

Geier DA, et al. Blood Mercury Levels in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Is There a Threshold Level? Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 177-186,

Elsheshtawy E, et al. Study of Some Biomarkers in Hair of Children with Autism. Middle East Current Psychiatry 2011; 18: 6-10,

Kern JK, et al. A Biomarker of Mercury Body-Burden Correlated with Diagnostic Domain Specific Clinical Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Biometals 2010; 23: 1043-1051,

Majewska MD, et al. Age-Dependent Lower or Higher Levels of Hair Mercury in Autistic Children than in Health Controls. Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 196-208,

Minami T, et al. Induction of Metallothionein in Mouse Cerebellum and Cerebrum with Low-Dose Thimerosal Injection. Cell Biology and Toxicology 2010; 26: 143-152,

Olczak M, et al. Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal Causes Persistent Changes in Mu Opioid Receptors in the Rat Brain. Neurochemical Research 2010; 35: 1840-1847,

Ratajczak H. Theoretical Aspects of Autism: Causes - A Review. J. Immunotoxicology 2011; 8: 68-79,

Hewitson L, et al. Influence of Pediatric Vaccines on Amygdala Growth and Opioid Ligand Binding in Rhesus Macaque Infants: A Pilot Study. Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 147-164,

Lakshmi Priya MD, et al. Level of Trace Elements (Copper, Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium) and Toxic Elements (Lead and Mercury) in the Hair and Nail of Children with Autism. Biological Trace Element Research 2010 Jul 13 [Epub ahead of print], and

Wyrembek P, et al, "Intermingled Modulatory Neurotoxic Effects of Thimerosal and Mercuric Ions on Electrophysiological Responses to GABA and NMDA in Hippocampal Neurons" Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 2010; 61: 753-758

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