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Patient Support Resources

From Washington DC to Hawai'i, this nation offers access to powerful natural health support resources

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King Kamehameha

My patients are treated to the staff and facilities of two clinics in NW Washington DC.

Washington Institute of Natural Medicine plus Biological Dental support at National Integrated Health Associates.

See: Location and Map

There are a number of restaurants and shops nearby.

Pre-Appointment Self-Study

Understanding Your Health and Health Concerns

Online Questionnaires for Self-Knowledge offered by Dr. Laura Power

includes food allergy screen.

Laboratory Testing information

De-Stress Kit: New Institute of HeartMath book and audio. "...Now more than ever it's time to take personal responsibility for your own energy system."

Download book [English]

Go to Site: for German, Japanese, Spanish versions and the Free Audio Program Download (for Mac or PC)

"Feel free to post this booklet on your Web site, e-mail it to other Web sites to post, or print and share with family and friends."



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There may be situations when payments can be made to Dr. Wilson's practice directly.

This button can be used in such situations. Otherwise, contact the office at which services are provided.


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