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Nutrition Information


This section is to give resources for patients who are beginning to learn about the role of food as a major part of their overall program for healing and health improvement.

Nightshade foods: A warning for those with arthritis. [see below]

Note: Recent mis-informed attacks on the value of nutrition for serious illness may be of concern to you. For more information see: Cancer Decisions.com Special Report.

The content of visits to the clinic will depend on each patient's needs. Metabolic typing using endocrine predominance, body typing and ABO blood type compatibilities are options that may be included.

I provide Metabolic Assessment to support my patients.

I coordinate Intravenous Nutritional Therapy, such as the Myers' Cocktail that I personally provided when in licensed states. Now this is provided through M.D. collaboration.

Brain effects of food reactions: Gluten reaction called "Celiac disease"

[excerpts from that site:]

Can Celiac Disease Make Your Child Mentally Ill? Watch These Recovery Videos!

If you or someone you know has a child with a mental illness, behavioral problem or unexplained neurological issue, you must watch these videos. They vividly illustrate how gluten and celiac disease can cause neurological illnesses and how removing gluten and casein from the diet can improve or cure the child.

Eamon Murphy started exhibiting mental aberrations and problems eating at three months of age. By the time he was three, his parents were frantically trying to understand what had caused his developmental delay in walking and talking, and now his trances, seizure-like episodes and regression. After a determined effort by his mother and a series of extraordinarily lucky events, he was finally diagnosed with celiac disease…and FULLY RECOVERED.

Watch these videos NOW and then forward this message to everyone you know with a child with a similar mental illness and their healthcare providers…because it is unacceptable that any child should be unnecessarily consigned to a life of suffering and diminished potential when a simple change in diet can cure them. (Read more...)




Nightshade Foods Warning

Arthritis and Norman Childers, Ph.D.: Nutritional Healing Pioneer

Link to his Arthritis Help Site: I have talked with Dr. Childers and appreciate his discovery. His work verifies concerns about the effect of foods of the "Nightshade" family (Solanaceae).

See: The Tomato Effect, re the unrecognized danger for many people.

These foods include*:
Tomato, Peppers, Paprika, Pimiento, Potato, Eggplant and Tobacco.

Note: Mayonnaise includes paprika which is a Solanacea. Paprika is often found in foods that contain "spice" on their label.

*They do not include black pepper, sweet potato or yams.

He has books on arthritis and diet. more info>>


Nutrition Teacher Lisa Wilson, who teaches at NIHA:

[She is not related to me.] This video below is one of her growing catalog of talks that can be accessed. She will soon have a new website with e-book and other information. I plan to add that to this page when it becomes available.

Text from a description of one of her talks, this was focused on children and healthy eating: I am Lisa Wilson, Certified Health Counselor in Northern Virginia. Weve been making baby food today. I havent mentioned grains. Now grains is one thing that you want wait until after the age of one to introduce. The three first grains that should be introduced are Millet, Brown Rice, or oats you can even use -- but these are rolled oats right here. All of your grains you need to properly prepare, which means you have to soak them overnight in an activator and then cook them properly. Grains, you really need to be careful with, because babies have a very sensitive digestive track. Okay, so they are just not quite ready for grains until after the age of one.


An interesting website.

Presentations by

Michael Greger, M.D.


Raw Foods: [FYI: This is one option, not everyone is a match for this approach.] Raw food diets can be powerfully supportive. As a physician, I will do my best to match the individual with the diet that works best for them. The RawLife.com website is persuasive and I want you to have this link. We will need to keep communicating about what is best for you. Powerful changes can be seen, these are from their website:

Paul Cooked

Paul Raw

Enrique Cooked

Enrique Raw

Amy Cooked

Amy Raw


Raw foods: We Want To Live. Recently I have begun looking into the work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, whose careful observations of raw food diets are quite compelling. His original book was "We Want to Live". His recent book | His interview with Dr. Bass

Worth Investigating:  Hyaluronic Acid

Those who meet me likely will hear about the way this naturally-occurring molecule may be the reason there are "meridians" for "Qi"/"Chi" flow in the body. I write about this in The Hyaluronic Acid Model and the Acumeridian Science section. There you will find the diagram and a link to the company that makes pure H.A. Here is a link to an article about H.A. and how it may be harmed by imbalanced lifestyle and bacterial infestation>> click here. I recommend using this non-animal Hyalogic product. (I have received several free samples and it seems to increase my overall energy as described in the Acumeridian Sciences section.)

Wikipedia: Description of Hyaluronan ["High concentrations of hyaluronan in the brains of young rats, and reduced concentrations in the brains of adult rats suggest that hyaluronan plays an important role in brain development."]

H.A. is a key component in movement such as in tendons; it is mentioned in the DVD, "Strolling Under the Skin" helping support energy transfer in the body.

Natural Hygiene Information [I only recently discovered this resource]
This website is a good example of Natural Hygiene - a 150+ year-old self-empowering healing and health philosophy that was started by medical doctors - but almost forgotten in the 20th century.
Learn why it is now becoming mainstream again. Learn more about why no-drugs healing methods are not only cheap, but vastly superior.
Visit International Natural Hygiene Society - where Dr. Stanley Bass is one of the founders.

FYI: Site reporting "The SIDS Eradication" experience in Australia (Vitamin C helped)


There are many sites on the Internet that offer information. These are ones I consider to be trustworthy and not corrupted by profit-driven motives.


The Weston A. Price Foundation: "For Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts -- Education / Research / Activism"

The "Wise Traditions" journal of the Price Foundation [click here]


Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation: "A clearinghouse of information on healthful lifestyles, ecology, sound nutrition, alternative medicine, humane farming and organic gardening.


Nutritional Healing: A resource for Nutritional Medicine. An excellent website by a dedicated nutrition student in Australia. This was shared with the group at the Integrative Psychiatry email forum.


Blood Type Diet (more accurately called the BioType Diet, of Dr. Laura Power): The concept of identifying food susceptibilities correlated with ABO blood types has been the subject of controversy over the past decades. Pending the publication of important research findings (gathered by a researcher over many years), I recommend people contact me about ABO blood type information. At this time the most accurate work done in this area, by Laura Power, Ph.D.,  is integrated into the software found at www.FoodPharmacy.com. In the future more information and a book are expected.


Raw Organic Milk: This is a highly-educated group of people who have carried on with traditions that are ancient -- The Bovine newsletter has resources about raw milk.


Body Ecology Diet: The website for Body Ecology Diet has information consistent with the observations of Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger. Definitely worth examining to see how this may apply to your own food choices. >> click here.


Sprouts.com: Organic Baby Food Caterers and information resource >> click here.


Online Library: Healing with nutrition and micronutrients, at the Rath Foundation.


Warning: MSG: Government Sponsored Brain Poison: A Rense.com article on this neurotoxin in our food supply


Mercola.com Articles:

Obesity and Diabetes: Linked to the type of sugars eaten (danger: Corn sugar and grains). This and more are in the report on Mercola.com.

Uric Acid, Corn Sugar and Obesity and Diabetes: Dr. Richard Johnson interview, The Sugar Fix: Report on Mercola.com

Salt facts: Natural salt with minerals is associated with health improvement, anti-salt craze fails documentation: Report.


Other resources for nutrition information:

Heart Surgeon now teaches food-awareness for prevention: Interview on PreventDisease.com.

New Taste.com: Over 600 whole-food recipes, free of charge. He commented on site above. www.NewTaste.com.


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