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My Motivation

For Doing This Work [an ongoing essay]

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.

One of many studious observers of nature and humankind.

His personal motto:

Aude sapere

("Dare to Know")

He discovered the homeopathic energy effect and explored its meaning in the days before Einstein and computers. We now can apply his complete medical system to integrate the observations of doctors and healers throughout history. [more]


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I have been in the health care field since entering pre-medicine in 1967. For over 30 years I have had different roles in our country's health care system. I have seen development of technologies and changes in health care standards that would have amazed me when I started my journey to become a doctor. Most of my years in the health care field included contact with typical "standard western medicine" areas: classes as M.D. med student, leave of absence, personal search for healing that led me into alternative medicine, work in medical records (typing the reports of MDs of several specialties, part-time over 20 years), licensed as counselor, massage practitioner, naturopathic physician. I have studied with specialists in Native American shamanism, Ayurveda, Chinese Taoist Acupuncture, spiritual healing, homeopathy, herbalism, electro-acupuncture biofeedback (EAV), NES Infoceutical technology, CoRe (Coincidence Recognition), German "Psycho-Kinesiologie", Biological Dentistry, Orthomolecular Medicine, Osteopathic energy perception and more.

My philosophy of practice describes my integration of physical and energy based ways of understanding life and health care, with special focus on both Biological Dentistry, and Heilkunst & Homeopathy, the Complete Medical System that includes Homeopathy [see Expanded Paradigm about E = mc2; and Philosophy of Health and Medicine ]. What Integrative Medicine Means to Me [PDF].

I myself have experienced Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, chronic yeast effects, dental problems, initial signs related to MS, and several other considerations. This is in addition to having the normal musculoskeletal challenges of an active athletic life. The way to help people with a variety of complaints is to have a variety of options from which to choose.

My insights into the need for an interactive, multi-faceted groundwork for health care (and for Life itself) drive my work to help preserve the assets of many ways of looking at life's needs, including health care. My web site gives examples of ways humanity is now poised at a point where tremendous health benefits can be realized if people are able to share their resources and build our future in mutual support. Without freedom of choice in health care we seem doomed to less vibrant existence, more chronic puzzling illnesses, enslavement to simple "answers" to complex problems. 

Historically, naturopaths were "Eclectic", using a variety of approaches. District of Columbia registration for "naturopaths" now allows a variety of backgrounds. I have met several non-four-year naturopaths and am impressed with their grasp of the eclectic spirit of natural medicine and their ability to bridge several approaches to health support including what has been called "energy medicine". The graduates of the 4-year schools seem to me to represent the "high-end specialty" part of the spectrum of naturopaths. It is my hope, therefore, that we can find a balance between the four-year graduates and others whose schooling was in other institutions. Ultimately, I would like to see all institutions training "naturopaths" come to agreement and achieve a standard of education that includes scientifically validated approaches as well as effective assessment/treatment techniques for which the science to explain them has not yet been completely elucidated. And the result of that would be a unified presentation to the western medicine schools and to the nation of the necessity for obeying natural laws in order to have a truly successful practice of "medicine", "doctoring", "healing".

Dr. Bastyr and Energy Anatomy: I want to encourage young N.D. graduates (and students also) of four-year schools such as Bastyr University to consider the "energy medicine" approaches, including homeopathy and acumeridian therapies, and study and research them if possible. This provides access to the fullness of what is called the Vis medicatrix naturae [more]. It also gives a better understanding of what Dietrich Klinghardt and others call the "higher levels" of the 5-level Map (Model) to Health and Healing. Dr. John Bastyr himself was a stock-holder in "BodyScan, Inc." BodyScan was a company that was founded in the 1980's and told investors that it was making a chair in which the patient would sit and have light rays beamed in front of them, with receivers on the other side that would capture the light beam and see how it was changed in character by the vibrations of the person's energy field that surrounds each of us. I joined a group of naturopaths and others for a tour of the facility and listened to the investment presentation. The company eventually went bankrupt. However, for me knowing that Dr. Bastyr had invested in the possibility of scientific validation of the energies he could sense is a powerful motivator. Of note is the fact that Dr. Bastyr also came to Dr. Nordenström’s 1987 presentation about his work with body energies and treatment of cancer with EChT. See also: Human Energy Anatomy, AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging, and NES Body-Field scan technology.

Illustration of BodyScan Principle [BodyScan, Inc. -- 1980s]

The company's scientists designed a test room in which a person would sit and have beams of light passed from one side to the other. The sensor on the other side of the body would detect changes in the light as a result of its interaction with the field surrounding the body. This company offered stock to investors. The company later disbanded. A notable investor in this technology was John Bastyr, D.C.,N.D., whose name is honored at Bastyr University.

Update 12/2010: My latest hope is that Autonomic Nervous System monitoring using Heart Rate Variability technology as well as the AcuGraph technology may be the way to objectively document the changes currently assessed using Applied Kinesiology and Autonomic Response Testing.  Earlier (2000) I had thought that the HRV Live! technology may be the breakthrough in proof that he and others sought; I own one myself; see clinical research that I did myself - here.

Special Note on Dr. Bastyr and Dr. Abrams: Dr. Bastyr kept an Abrams "Black Box" device in his office. I am convinced that this was a statement to us all that even though something can become the object of ridicule and derision, it may be a clue to a truth that in later years would be accepted. My understanding is that the initial observation Dr. Albert Abrams made was that if a patient were standing facing to the geographical West, then the result of percussion of the abdomen would be different than when they stood facing other directions. To me, this makes sense and was hammered home to me last year when looking at television coverage of hurricanes -- they always rotate in a specific direction that ends up with an aspect of their orientation pointing towards the West. This could only be seen from high in space using a satellite for imaging the cloud patterns, something that Dr. Abrams, Dr. Bastyr and other early doctors and "students of Nature" did not have at their disposal. (See Goldfish Bowl Medicine essay below.)

Dr. Abrams went on to develop techniques based on what he understood about human bioenergies. He began the studies of what has been termed "Radiesthesia" or "Radionics." However, those whose world view (and pocket book) was threatened attacked him. (See links below to sites about Dr. Abrams' discoveries.) Many other discoveries or systems of assessment and treatment draw upon the same as-yet unacknowledged aspect of the natural world, such as: the Toftness device (I trained in using this at an extracurricular workshop while I was a student at Bastyr; this "device" is simply a piece of plastic that is rubbed by the practitioner with one hand and the other hand is placed near the body of the patient and when the hand is above a place on the body that is giving off a radiation of disturbance then the practitioner's hand feels a "squeak" instead of sliding on the plastic, this is a phenomenon of electrostatic charge, a simple concept but it was seen as dangerous knowledge and attacked by the AMA and the FDA), Applied Kinesiology (I trained in this in an extracurricular workshop while a student at Bastyr), Chinese pulse testing (I trained in this in the acupuncture department at Bastyr), Nogier auricular medicine with the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal, which I learned in a workshop while at Bastyr), and much more than I can cite in this essay at this time. [Note: This "electrostatic" concept could even be the basis for what homeopaths have called Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Disease.

Homeopathic site discusses Dr. Abrams observations of energy/substance; [>>backup text on this website in case that site is shut down]
Japanese site describing highlights of Dr. Abrams' career and observations
Photo of Abrams using technique similar to modern A.R.T. of today
Example Attack against Dr. Abrams (sadly informative but with interesting links)
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America and hope for the future: The Invention of Air
ACEP (the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology): I support the pioneering work of ACEP in informing the mental health community of important tools for accessing deep mental and emotional processes. Their careful development over recent years has been inspiring. Their work is similar to the Mental Field Therapy of Dr. Klinghardt. Note: When you visit the ACEP web site please be aware that they are in the early stages of perceiving the importance of body energies that were originally studied by the doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ACEP members were originally members of the western psychology field who are now trying to stand in both camps. Please do not rely solely on the practitioners you may encounter after visiting their web site. I can advise you on creating a much more robust program of individualized care than can their members. Still, I do appreciate them for their boldness in developing the work as far as they understand it.
FYI: This is compatible with the Tong Ren Tapping Therapy.


In the Kingdom of the Blind... who can understand the One-Eyed Man?

This restatement of an old saying brings home the fact that when people do not have the same understanding of life, they will not appreciate what each other is saying. What is clear to one may be ridiculed by others.

I plan to write an essay about this, titled "Goldfish Bowl Medicine": This will describe the situation that just as fish do not perceive that they live in water, so our modern western medicine system does not acknowledge that humans move within an intricate system of energy fields that are invisible and affect us in subtle ways. It now is time for us to "wake up" and realize how important it is to be able to look "beyond the goldfish bowl" and see the influences that push us in ways we cannot understand if we only remain as ignorant fish in a goldfish bowl. This is why I say that E = mc2 is a crucial equation to consider (see below).

Bastyr University and the Goldfish Bowl Medicine phenomenon re EAV/Computron:

During my enrollment at Bastyr University I had been undergoing treatment following recommendations of a former student, Douglas Leber, homeopath and alternative medicine practitioner -- he had been expelled ["allowed to resign"] from Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine because he was spending too much time in the student clinic using the Voll EAV device (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) to track down the cause of patients' problems. The company that he then founded was Computronix; the technology is still available [site].

At my first visit to his office in his home he spent six hours with me. He interviewed me, used TCM pulse testing (augmented with use of a polarizing camera filter, such as we use nowadays in the Klinghardt Autonomic Response Testing protocols). He assessed my body's energies using EAV. We decided I would benefit from nutritional interventions, homeopathic remedies, and detoxifying my body from heavy metals, among other things. Along with the removal of my dental mercury fillings I credit Doug Leber as one of the most significant people in my life. I am sure I would be dead now if not for Doug. Eventually, I arranged for him to begin a study group for Bastyr students. He even donated one of his "Computron" devices (an improvement over early Voll EAV devices) to the Bastyr Clinic. Sadly, this was opposed by Bastyr leadership, and eventually the EAV unit was mysteriously stolen from the clinic and students no longer had exposure to this technology. Computron is still available, and in use in many clinics including the NIHA one in Washington DC (

This phenomenon of "disappearance" of threatening information happened again when the book by Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D., disappeared from the Bastyr Library (I had been able to meet Dr. Nordenstrom when he came to speak to doctors and students and others at a private meeting in the 1980's, Dr. Bastyr was in attendance. At that same meeting as a student I was the driver who brought John Ott from the airport to the meeting site, he was a pioneer researcher into light as necessary for life: more info on Dr. Nordenstrom.)

All of this was part of the motivation behind my writing a draft of a book that I titled, "God is not (that) Far Away". I wrote the book when I was enrolled in Bastyr University's Spirituality, Health & Medicine certificate program, I then adapted that book to create this website as a class project.

See Disentanglement: Flexner, the Titanic, and Our Future Survival -- How our natural medicine and integrative medicine education can save our future | The Invention of Air


Bastyr University now has the chance to take the lead in teaching this dynamic model of how Life works. For me, the simplest explanation for what I seek is to have the school help apply Einstein's equation E = mc2 to health care. [See Expanded Paradigm]

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine Lost its Vitality [original essay]: The experience in China is parallel to what has developed in western medicine.

Henry Ford and Mao Tse-tung nearly destroyed Acupuncture. This purposely attention-seeking phrase is intended to get people to understand how drastic the changes were in China when "Chairman Mao" took power and began purging the nation of China of "outdated ideas". Especially ruinous was the so-called "Cultural Revolution". The sad fact which I point out in lectures is that the dedication to scientific reproducible, "assemblyline" processes led both Henry Ford and Mao Tse-tung to disregard the more subtle aspects of right-brain logic, individualized processes, and closed their minds to the possibilities of energy-based medicine. 

Our nation has been severely damaged by the "materialistic" view of life that led western society to the "Industrial Revolution", and its subsequent application to "medical science". I am convinced that Mao was so entranced by the so-called "progress" of western culture, that he decided that assemblyline medicine was what his own country needed.

Sadly, that resulted in re-writing the tried-and-true acupuncture knowledge base and gutted it of its wisdom of circadian rhythm, planetary cycles, subtle energies. Much of what was lost was due to persecution and denouncing the value of Taoist acupuncture. The "Barefoot Doctor" system instituted under Chairman Mao was intended to bring health care to the common people. However, it was stripped of its connection to the trustworthy wisdom that included a respect for the energy cycles of nature and individualization of treatments. This resulted in a situation where researchers were unaware of the rich heritage that might have stimulated them to study body energies in a much deeper way. (Hopefully this is slowly changing.)

Myself, I was fortunate to spend time in 1993 with a Taoist acupuncture physician on top of one of the holy Taoist mountains in China. [See Photo Album.] Their temple had been desecrated by the Red Guard, and the mountain-top site had been leveled (the people were ashamed of it and urged me not to go see it; I found a beautiful view but atop the mountain was a ghastly concrete structure that was unfinished and a cruel reminder of the ravages that had torn at that proud nation).

The progress of acupuncture science in China has been slowed by the loss of interest in the energy relationships taught by Taoist acupuncture. Acupuncture was reduced to "cookbook" medicine, without teaching how to deeply study the energy field of the patient and how to understand how the individual is affected by the seasons and by the cycles of Nature. Fortunately, some of the ancient ways were passed down secretly within families and courageous people have slowly been bringing some of the knowledge back for others to access (I do not have connections, so don't ask). One place in the western world to gain some of this information is through the Worsley School of Five-Element Acupuncture. 

What we are left with in the United States is a lot of teachers who have cut themselves off from scientific integration of acumeridian phenomena. Virtually all the schools of acupuncture are shackled to a rote-memory kind of system. The way acupuncture is taught in China and the USA (in my opinion) is totally divorced from integration with western science and the promising new developments (quantum physics, chaos/pattern theory, fractal science, neurotransmitter science). They actually believe that they get better results the more defined they are in the Yin/Yang definitions they use for diagnosis and treatment.

I can explain more in my lectures but the bottom line is that the acumeridian techniques taught by instructors in Autonomic/Neural Technologies give me hope that intelligent students, researchers and clinicians will learn how to work with acumeridian energies in an integrated, wide-ranging and effective way. There are many other resources, I am sure, that would want to be included as having a larger perspective and I would like to add to these later as they contact me.

Hybrid or "Half-breed"?: Science and Human Family Dynamics: Announcement for OIUCM presentation 2007; notes for presentation [click here]

Story: If I happen to know that there is a huge section of the street outside that is capable of falling into the ground-- much like a trapdoor that could open and swallow up people and cars, etc. -- I have a human obligation to tell you... This is the same as my insights in health care...

The section on "Why haven't I heard of this before?" contains conjectures about reasons for the slow progress in expanding the model or paradigm used to explain health, illness, treatment and reclamation of health.