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This Land is Sacred

All land is sacred,

Ever since my father and mother took me hiking and observing nature I have had a deepening reverence for the Earth. As a child my adventures in Indian Guides, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts kept laying before me important lessons that I would understand as deeply as I could at the time. Later in life my military experience and travels to some other countries gave me a diversity of exposures to other cultures and other landscapes beyond those of my Midwest background.

My pathway has led me to walk with many different teachers and share in many different communities. It is humbling to share similar deep feelings with people who are often very far apart in their culture as well as separated geographically.

The blood and bones of the women and men who have birthed and protected their societies have sanctified the land in all parts of the world.

I walk the land in reverence and encourage all who visit the islands to feel the Presence that is beyond words.

Please note that I do support people in their individual approach to spirituality considerations, whether this is religious or trusting in Science. 

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"I don't want you to lose your faith"

Ralph Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture