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Kinesthetic Medicine

(This is a term that I created.)


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Below are some of the items for your health menu that include the body and nerves as part of the healing process. The list could become extensive when you include any technique that includes an element of sensation of motion or skin touch. I include colon hydrotherapy because the peristaltic action of the intestines is affected by the autonomic nervous system. I introduce some science behind this in the extended page: FlexAware. These are all part of what I describe as Body Psychotherapy. [Psychotherapy Options]  In addition, I include Family Constellations as part of the grouping of Kinesthetic Medicine because the process of the constellation is based upon the body's felt sense within the context of the constellation (my introduction).

My blog essays describe the interconnections of body/brain/autonomic nervous system: Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple | Autonomic Science: Relax, you're not sitting atop a rocket.

The information below is for information only. Consult me or another practitioner about the benefits and cautions for your individual situation.  [Medical Disclaimer]

List of items below:
Craniosacral Therapy
Manipulation Therapies
Massage and Bodywork
Integrated Listening Systems
Watsu warm water therapy
Breathing training
Rebounder Mini-trampoline
PowerBall gyroscope exercisers
Far Infrared Sauna
Hydrotherapy, external
Colon Hydrotherapy
Exercise and "Spark" research into brain/nerve growth
Rock Box/Pond Pebbles idea
"Play" as Medicine

Craniosacral Therapy: 
This is a combined technique that includes mental awareness of the body's response to gentle movement, and the experience of allowing the gentle input of another skilled person to relieve restrictions to smooth movement of tissues. This can result in profound release of a person's inner healing capabilities.


Manipulation Therapies:

This is something that I don't provide myself although I was trained by chiropractors to perform what is called naturopathic manipulation. I include this in the list to document the fact that I consider it extremely important for people to do all that they can to improve their body's alignment and dynamic coordination which is the focus of chiropractic physicians and osteopathic physicians. There are several approaches to this and I encourage you to check out the low-force and no-force methods especially.

This is a home-care process of gradually rebuilding healthy connections between mind and body. This makes it easier and smoother to do daily activities and sports. I find that it helps people appreciate the gift of life.
[Click here for BodyBlade site]

If you’re tired of relying on exercise equipment that leaves you with plenty of pain but limited results, you’re not alone. At Bodyblade, we believe that workouts should be results oriented and functional, connecting muscle, joints and body segments for a safe, fun, and most importantly, effective training experience! That’s why we have been at the forefront of intelligent training that enhances the body’s ability to maximize important benefits including performance, balance, endurance, strength and coordination to mention a few buy using a system of training Bruce Hymanson, Physical Therapist, created and pioneered for his patients consisting of inertia and vibration training since 1991.

Bodyblade was created to give you the kind of workout that you could never achieve with traditional exercise machines. Bodyblade addresses the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine and Core, which gives you a strong, stable foundation useful for:

  • • Rehabilitation
  • • Post Rehabilitation
  • • Sports performance training
  • • Personal training
  • • Fitness enhancement
  • • Weight Loss Management

Best of all, you will almost immediately notice improved wellness, balance, coordination and muscle definition, as well as greater flexibility and posture. And anybody can do it! This method of vibration training is simple and powerful, no matter what your fitness level, age, gender or previous training experience. In fact, Bodyblade automatically adjusts to the fitness level of each user to guarantee success in training. [more]

Rebounder Mini-trampoline
Gently bouncing up and down on a small indoor trampoline can be very therapeutic. It can help to "jump start" the person into better blood circulation and better mood. Use it wisely. [Note: The FDA has forbid the makers of the rebounders to share the often-amazing anecdotes of health improvement and healing of conditions that have been reported over the years. The "Lymphology" website is one of a doctor of chiropractic medicine whose home I visited a couple of times and who was a champion for self-healing, including using the rebounder. Click on the link below to see my introduction of his educational website. FYI: He was a faithful member of the Mormons and his sons are carrying on his work; they can give low-income reduction in tuition.]

Powerball Gyroscope Exercisers
This is great for building confidence as well as coordination and muscle strength. I use it to jump start my body into motion prior to major exercise, or just to get a revved up feeling at anytime during the day. [Site]

Massage and Bodywork:
The field of massage and bodywork in our country provides many options for finding a practitioner whose specialty can benefit your situation. I have been licensed as a Massage Practitioner and am able to provide therapeutic bodywork as needed. I have enjoyed seeing the positive responses that people experience as part of deep tissue and other massage and bodywork techniques.

[Craniosacral therapy information]

Integrated Listening Systems:
This approach can combine movement, brain stimulation, speech and specially processed high-fidelity sound via bone conduction and air conduction. The multi-sensory program is for improving brain function. iLs has a global effect on the brain and nervous system, influencing the following systems: balance, visual, auditory, motor, coordination, behavior and emotional regulation. As a result it is successfully implemented for a wide variety of conditions: Learning difficulties, reading, auditory processing; attention & regulation; sensory processing; speech & language; autism and other neuro-developmental difficulties.

Integrated Listening Systems site]

Watsu warm water therapy:
I include this because of its profound benefits for physical and emotional healing. I am preparing a referral list for resources in the Washington DC area. The link below is to my proposal page that this therapy be made available to veterans and others with PTSD.
Breathing training:
Using the emWave Personal Stress Reliever, which is based on HRV technology, you can develop better coordination between mind, muscles and autonomic nervous system.

[More on my site: HRV | Biofeedback
Far Infrared Sauna:
When carefully managed, the experience of a far infrared sauna can provide a profound boost to the body's self-healing abilities. Because there is the possibility of doing too much of this, I encourage people to take time to learn about the benefits as well as the stresses possible with FIR sauna therapy.

Hydrotherapy, external:
This can include water treatments of many kinds, such as foot baths, Sitz baths, and tub soaks. There are excellent facilities at many health spas nationally.  The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine [site] has several practitioners who offer a variety of treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy:
I have trained in colon hydrotherapy and was the colon hydrotherapist at an Ayurvedic medicine clinic. My appreciation for this approach to health support is deep. There is an option for personal home therapy as well as receiving treatments from a trained professional. In Washington DC there are several practitioners who offer colon hydrotherapy.

Exercise and "Spark"
The discovery of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) brings new evidence of the value of exercise for mental fitness as well as physical fitness. Exercise helps the body function better and the mind to focus and perform better. The book, Spark, by John Ratey, M.D. helped bring this to public attention.

[See his info on the FlexAware page

The Rock Box/Pond Pebbles idea

Walking on a stony path puts pressure onto the muscles, periosteum and bones of the feet. To simulate this I placed rounded but irregular stones into a box and then step on them and imagine walking on such a path.

This example is an executive wooden desk tray. However, any container would work; I've considered building a long one.

Stimulating the bottom of the feet (which are said to contain many acupressure points) may help to activate the brain (BDNF activation) as described in the work of Dr. Ratey (above)

"Play" as Medicine [See my blog about play as good medicine]
Play: It's good medicine!!

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