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Journey of Healing:

When You Include Integrative Homeopathy

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What will it be like for you? What will you tell people in the future happened when you began treatment with the expanded model of health that includes homeopathic preparations? What will your story be?

Remember, this website is written in a way that honors the age-old wisdom of story-telling. This is the tribal practice of sharing experiences so that others will glimpse the possibilities for their own life and the lives of people they know.                                          --- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.

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When I started using homeopathic medicines many years ago it was with a young medical doctor who was experimenting with what to him was a new kind of health care. The very first homeopathic remedy I took was from him and it changed my life. Looking back on what happened there were deep changes in how I felt about life and my body started to improve in several ways. The only thing that I regret is that I never went back to that doctor -- he had not told me that the changes could be so broad, and he did not tell me (or I did not remember he did) that I might experience the return of earlier symptoms. So when a lump reappeared on the upper hard palate of my mouth I was so scared I never went back to him. (Years later I realized that my body was trying to repair a problem with the deep root of a tooth that later on was given a root canal treatment and then later on I had it extracted.) The way my life "unfolded" or developed after introducing homeopathic medicine was much more colorful and empowered than it would have been (I am convinced of this). I often wonder what might have happened if I had continued to use homeopathy in the way that has now been described as the approach Dr. Hahnemann was using by the time of his death. For you, I want things to be different.

An academic description of what is going on when using homeopathy would be:

...To the extent that we know Disease and can discern (dia-gnose) that Disease in the patient, we must in all ethics seek to remove it by means of artificial disease agents [homeopathic remedies] that can act on the Generative Power, where the disease is lodged, in a curative manner, namely on the basis of the Law of Similar Resonance. At the same time, we must also seek to remove from the patient all matters that are injurious to health and to add all matters that support and nurture the Sustentive Power (questions of physical, social and psychical Regimen), on the basis of the equally valid Law of Opposites.

Verspoor and Decker: Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst

[Chapter 56: "Therapeutic Approaches Within Heilkunst"]


What will it be like for you? The "story of your life" will be like nobody else's. But it will be a journey, an unfolding. If we have a time to talk in person I could go on to describe how you can understand this using the science of Fractal Geometry, or we could talk about Intricate Evolution or of God's creation of your life, depending on your view of Spirituality.

Descriptions of the journey of treating one concern, Autism; the book also shows the overall model of Medical Heilkunst that can be applied to any health concern.

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What you experience will be as intensely personal as anything can be. I am convinced that the outcome of homeopathic treatment is a more direct personal experience of one's own life. As a physician it is my job to inform you of that and to provide tools you can use to make your life more and more an experience that is fulfilling and under your own control. It will be your journey. No one else's. It is my commitment that this journey will be ever more under your control and increasingly rewarding no matter what amount of damage may have been done to your physical body before you began using homeopathy.

We will need to talk in person about what we might expect regarding removal of named health problems whether they be physical, physiological, nervous system, mental/emotional. The individual cases ("journeys") of people who have used homeopathy can be amazing. This is the result, I am convinced, of the E = mc2 reality of homeopathic preparations (the Expanded Paradigm). We are giving Life a chance to work with fewer restrictions, for you to have a more "level playing field" or a "level ground" on which to stand and live your life.