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Program Overview

[Updated January 22, 2013 -- re Addictions: Bill W. of AA was actually treated with homeopathy prior to developing AA; he also corresponded with Carl Jung. I have included below* a link to a Shrink Rap Radio interview with an insightful Jungian analyst and his look at the positive side of AA and more.* Homeopathic prescribing as part of a comprehensive personalized program of care may be especially beneficial. This is important for Veterans and their families and physicians to understand -- Link to my Veterans invitation]

Integrative Homeopathy

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Integrative Homeopathy: This is Dr. Wilson's program to give patients a full spectrum of supervision of their health and life improvement process. The intent is to remove the hidden distortive energy patterns known in homeopathy as Disease [definition] and deadly Chronic Miasms [definition], to restore the body's ability to generate appropriate healing responses, and increase well-being and control of their own life.

I see the partnership between the homeopathic practitioner and person being cared for as a "Life Makeover." Everything about them is considered. This is much deeper than simply "fixing" some inconvenient, isolated symptom.     
--- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D.


The goal of Integrative Homeopathy is to:

...To the extent that we know Disease and can discern (dia-gnose) that Disease in the patient, we must in all ethics seek to remove it by means of artificial disease agents [homeopathic remedies] that can act on the Generative Power, where the disease is lodged, in a curative manner, namely on the basis of the Law of Similar Resonance. At the same time, we must also seek to remove from the patient all matters that are injurious to health and to add all matters that support and nurture the Sustentive Power (questions of physical, social and psychical Regimen), on the basis of the equally valid Law of Opposites.

Verspoor and Decker: Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst

[Chapter 56: "Therapeutic Approaches Within Heilkunst"]

[For more on Miasms see: Chronic Miasms on this site.]

* This section was added December 25, 2012, while updating information relevant to VeteransTrauma and Addictions are only some of the situations that benefit from inclusion of homeopathic prescribing. As you can read on the main page about Homeopathy Science, there are several different schools of thought about how to include the homeopathic phenomenon in life-supportive programs.

Relevant to the recent Shrink Rap Radio interview with Dr. David Schoen -- A Jungian Approach to Addiction with David Schoen, Ph.D. -- I have read that Bill W. of AA was actually treated with homeopathy during his development of AA. Bill W. also corresponded with Carl Jung. Here is the link to Dr. Van Nuys' interview with Dr. Schoen: [link].

In my career I've been in a variety of clinics. Some of those clinics have had examples of major positive shifts in life experience of patients. I've often thought about those "shining cases" (my term) because some of them had received the networking consultations with Homeopathy/Heilkunst that I so strongly encourage, but they forgot about it being part of the early alignment of the patient and they don't credit Heilkunst as part of what may be powerful for other patients.

Dr. Schoen talks in that interview about the forces that can kill people who are addicted. [I'm impressed with his candor saying that basically he considers himself to be a "phenomenologist" and not rigidly tied to diagnostic labels.] Those forces that can kill are in my observations very real. We only differ in how to understand these. I would even agree with the existence of an "archetype of Evil" but I understand that term as describing energy patterns or "mirror neuron" accepted "facts" that a group could consider to be true. [Check out The American College of Orgonomy, or Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust.] In all, there is a surrounding "matrix" that the individual can begin to recognize so that they know that they are not alone, and that their internal survival-focused "infected ego" can begin to trust that there is a process "higher" than it which can be trusted at least as much as they give it a chance. [See my blog on: Living Inside the Box: The Body as Temple]

Homeopathic prescribing, specialized somatic bodywork [my Kinesthetic Medicine] and community experiences all can be key additions to psychiatric and psychotherapy approaches. I'm agreeing with Dr. Schoen that if certain changes are not made, addictions can kill, that there are elements of "the psychic system" that can kill if they are not shifted. I'm saying that I can connect people with several methods that can help them experience such shifts and substantial re-solving of their situations.

What I and others in my referral network can add to the programs of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counselors and others is a greater toolbox for things that may help an individual patient.

--- Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D., M.S. -- Originator, DC Area Naturopathic Neuropsych Support Services [link]


Patients seeing Dr. Wilson (unless referred under prior arrangement) over the course of the first two appointments will receive:


Initial Naturopathic Consultation: Case review, physical examination, functional testing as below. Basic Diet and lifestyle recommendation.
Outcomes: Establish parameters for Outcomes Evaluation.
Functional Assessment: May include: Heart Rate Variability (HRV); AcuGraph digital meridian imaging; Iridology photographs, etc.
Classic Homeopathy: Homeopathic interview questioning.
Prescription: Likely initial homeopathic "remedy"/prescription.
Therapeutic Education: Extensive resources for personal study, recommended books, online learning resources and homeopathic home first aid kits for family use.
Collaborative Management: Case consultation and individualized custom homeopathic remedy program as taught by the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. This includes the crucial removal of hidden chronic Diseases known as the Chronic Miasms, and distortive energy fields called Chthonic Diseases. Also included is attention to the individual major impacts of Life events (burns, surgery, emotional shock, etc.) and the individual's basic homeopathic constitutional archetype.

Integrative Referrals: Jurisdictional Assessment* of the case to include potential benefit from:

Referrals for Focused "Regimenal" Therapy:

>> Biological Dental care

>> Structural therapy by Chiropractic (low force) or

     Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, etc.

>> Allergy management, EAV/EDS

>> Brain nutrient consultation for short term supplementation

>> Eye Movement/APN/Other mind-body approaches.

>> Family Constellation Work

>> Neuro-SCENAR cybernetic biofeedback treatment

>> Other: Integrative Homeopathy is compatible with a wide range of therapies and these will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Forms must be filled out prior to seeing Dr. Wilson:

Click here to go to forms


Future appointments will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The Collaborative Management aspect will include approximately monthly telephone updates to include the next homeopathic prescribing for the current aspects of the case.

"Food is Not Included": A reminder that dietary requirements and any supportive products (or lab tests, etc.) are not included in the initial fee.

* Jurisdictional Assessment: This refers to the approach to decision-making taught as basic to the dynamic medical system developed and used by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. It helps decide whether the patient's "case" needs to be tried in the court of supportive Regimen (food, lifestyle, dental detox, chiropractic, etc.) or one of the levels of energy distortions treated with homeopathic remedies (Iatrogenic, Pathogenic, Homogenic, or Ideogenic).