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Integrated Listening Systems - iLs

Enhancing connections between the mind and the nervous system.

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Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) options for brain improvement: 
This approach can combine movement, brain stimulation, speech and specially processed high-fidelity sound via bone conduction and air conduction. The multi-sensory program is for improving brain function and self-confidence. iLs has a global effect on the brain and nervous system, influencing the following systems: 
Behavior and emotional regulation. 

The success of iLs programs is based on the neuroscience discovery of "Neuroplasticity": encouraging changes in the nervous system by use of carefully applied programs. As a result it is successfully implemented for a wide variety of conditions: Learning difficulties, reading, auditory processing; attention & regulation; sensory processing; speech & language; autism and other neuro-developmental difficulties.


Contact me to explore the options for in-office visits, or home use programs. Typical programs include introduction at the office and then most of the work is done at home. This makes iLs cost-effective as a program to help the brain become "hard wired" for positive functioning. To visit the public access portion of their site: