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Hypnotherapy and Support for the Autonomic Nervous System

Enhancing connections between the mind and the nervous system.

[Format being updated, 2013]

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My opinion is that the word, "Hypnotherapy", is incorrect. What it describes is a set of methods that can bring coherence to the relationship between a person's conscious mind and their autonomic nervous system which controls the physical body. Recent neurological research is documenting the validity of techniques offered by practitioners of what has become known as Behavioral Medicine*, or sometimes Mind-Body medicine. [My blog: Living Inside the Box -- The Body as Temple]


Life Performance enhancement hypnosis at home.
Suitable for daily use.
I recommend "Optimal Test Performance" audio session for anyone in "The School of Life.". For most people I'd recommend this before beginning therapy of any type, and then listen after the therapy and see how your perception has changed. I'm amazed at its appropriateness for many types of "tests" -- whether the test of illness, the test of rehabilitation, the test of relationship, the testing of facing each day as it comes, or academic performance and test-taking.
Extra note: The word "Performance" is not intended to make you freeze up about "not being good enough" or "failing" to "make the grade." Rather, it means the smooth and effortless performance as an elite expert who is skilled in their main task -- managing their life, in all its perfection and with all the welcome from the audience who appreciate you.
Click on this link or picture for Marc Schoen, Ph.D. site.
[Note: He has removed that file and I have the original version. During hypnotherapy programs in person, I may include listening to that as part of the experience.]


Learning Theory and Medical Hypnosis:
Tribute to Prof. Ernst Hilgard and his work on pain control

All too often people are unaware of the distinct difference between their conscious mind and their body with its autonomic nervous system that has effects on the function of organs and systems such as heart rate, digestion, fight/flight alert mechanism, etc.

Hypnotherapy helps to bring the body and mind into a more coherent teamwork arrangement.

I have enjoyed my many experiences with hypnotherapy, having been a registered hypnotherapist in Washington state starting in the mid 1980s. Recent advances in neurobiology have brought hypnotherapy to the front ranks of therapies that can be easily added to integrative medicine programs. There are even resources for self-hypnotherapy that can be purchased for home use.

I offer hypnotherapy as a focused method of improving the communications between the inner automatic survival mechanisms and the conscious mind. I practice what has been called "post-Ericksonian hypnotherapy," keeping the patient's self-control as the focus of my work.

Other Techniques: I have been trained in EMDR (a type of eye movement therapy) by Clancy McKenzie, M.D. I have been trained in Mental Field Therapy by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. (this includes an eye movement therapy). Guided Imagery. "Brain Health & Wellness" technique of Charles Gant, M.D.

*Interview from: National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine:


Self-Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stage Fright Hypnosis:

Calming the Amygdala [and emotions]:

Skin: The Mirror of Our Emotions:

Hypnosis MP3s Powerful Hypnosis Messages

Try Hypnosis Audio For Free!

The Whole Brain Learning Institute


In addition to the classical hypnosis methods, there are also the stereo and subliminal recordings of the Whole Brain Learning Institute. I have used their products starting over 20 years ago. They remain superb tools for you to use at home, work or on the go (as appropriate for the purpose of the recording... some should not be used while driving, for instance).

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