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[I formerly called this] Multi-Dimensional Diagnosis:

Flatland and the Problem of Visualizing Energies.

Re Homeopathy -- Observing & working with energies is like

working with higher dimensions of reality.

The Science of Einstein, Abbott and Hahnemann.

[Note, October 2011: Actually, it is simpler than this.*]

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Graphics from this page plus others [PDF file]. See below: Dr. Abrams and his discoveries

*Note, October 2011: These comments below were made prior to publication of recent work on neuroscience and the different aspects of human brain function. Dr. Porges and Dr. Eagleman [more] join others who are mapping out the aspects of brain and nervous system function that lead to people having what seem like different parts of themselves. When you read the essay below, please substitute the words "other aspects" for "multi-dimensional".

Discussing this is one of the most enjoyable parts of my discussions on my practice and the model used at NIHA. I have sat in lectures and learned in clinics of doctors of Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Iridology, and other approaches that recognize Life is more than the visible/physical structure we can see. Each of these systems uses what I call "multi-dimensional diagnosis." This means that the practitioner looks at the person in front of them and thinks of how the unseen factors cause problems and how these can be treated to create solutions. This is a very complex concept and I welcome your looking over my shoulder in the same way I looked over the shoulders of my teachers. Once you develop the ability to "see" the effects of multiple factors, you will appreciate more deeply what this web site teaches.

Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott, 1887

Flatland, the book >> Copyright expired, presented on this site. [opens new window]

Flatland, the movie >> FlatlandTheMovie.com

This book stimulated Albert Einstein in his conjectures about the nature of reality. It illustrates that there are more dimensions than the four we can easily perceive: Length, Width, Height and Time. This is an important concept to physicists and philosophers, as well as physicians and people interested in understanding and improving health.

Flatland: Illustrating the difficulty two-dimensional beings would have understanding projections of squares, spheres, etc.



In the same way, Homeopathy involves other "dimensions" than we can easily perceive.

E = mc2 Homeopathy is based on the insightful observations of Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., and others since his time, that the physical substances we can perceive on earth are actually the solid evidence of items that have higher dimensions to their makeup. When these higher energies are activated during homeopathic "potentization" (a process of sequential dilution and vibration) then the medication thus created can stimulate the human's innate healing ability to bring the body's physiology into a healing mode.

All writing and case examples of homeopathy are essentially versions of the human attempt to describe this multi-dimensional phenomenon to other humans who are only used to thinking in terms of 3 dimensions plus the fourth: Time.


He began to triturate (grind) and succuss (shake) the medicinal substances, discovering by experiment that the highly diluted remedies were even more potent after they had been succussed... The universe was pervaded by the vital force. Hahnemann was no theoretical mystic; he was a practical experimenter whose reach in these matters exceeded his grasp because he was confronted with material two hundred years before a vocabulary to deal with it had been developed. Even now most of us still operate in a Newtonian, pre-Einsteinian universe, despite the fact that modern physics has revealed its partiality.. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...".

  -- Hahnemann, cited in A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley

This is what I explain in my discussions of The Expanded Paradigm:

E = mc2


Expanded Paradigm

Insights from Science and Natural Medicine.

Groundwork for the Future of Healthcare 


Dr. Albert Abrams, M.D.:

From Special Note on Dr. Bastyr and Dr. Abrams: Dr. Bastyr kept an Abrams "Black Box" device in his office. I am convinced that this was a statement to us all that even though something can become the object of ridicule and derision, it may be a clue to a truth that in later years would be accepted. My understanding is that the initial observation Dr. Albert Abrams made was that if a patient were standing facing to the geographical West, then the result of percussion of the abdomen would be different than when they stood facing other directions. To me, this makes sense and was hammered home to me last year when looking at television coverage of hurricanes -- they always rotate in a specific direction that ends up with an aspect of their orientation pointing towards the West. This could only be seen from high in space using a satellite for imaging the cloud patterns, something that Dr. Abrams, Dr. Bastyr and other early doctors and "students of Nature" did not have at their disposal. However, those whose world view (and pocket book) was threatened attacked him. (See links below to sites about Dr. Abrams' discoveries.)

Japanese site describing highlights of Dr. Abrams' career and observations
Homeopathic site discusses Dr. Abrams observations of energy/substance
Photo of Abrams using technique similar to modern A.R.T. of today
Example Attack against Dr. Abrams (sadly informative but with interesting links)
Related technology--NES assessment: My opinion of this new advance.
See Why I Resigned from ACEP (the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology): Including the handout that includes PowerPoint slides and graphics of much of what I discuss on this page and in this website.


Starting your treatment with

Integrative Homeopathy

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