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Expanding the Use of "Homeopathic Remedies": Broader Understanding

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This page will be expanded to show what we have gained from over 200 years of use of the vibrated dilutions that Dr. Hahnemann created. These are called "homeopathic remedies", but in fact they do more than treat "pathic" illness. These are more accurately called "energy medicines" and they can be used for both Homeo-pathic and Homeo-tonic illnesses. (Homeotonic is a word that is based on the concept of tone or vibration; a "homeotonic" disease causes mis-tunement.) The use of "homeopathic remedies" is more accurately understood and taught at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. Over the past 200 years homeopathic practitioners have had success but not always, and this page helps to explain why they did not understand the larger context in which the "homeopathic remedies" are functioning.

The key as I understand it was in Hahnemann's research into Chronic Miasms and the glimpses that these "mis-tuning" Diseases give us of the Energy Anatomy of the human and the world of energies that moves within the visible physical world. He described the Duality of the Living Power, and described the human Dynamis as having both a Sustentive and a Generative aspect. The attack of Disease upon the human Generative aspect and the reactions of the Sustentive and the Generative aspects are what causes the symptoms that are seen in the patient.

A stunningly limited understanding of what Dr. Hahnemann discovered is illustrated in the diagram by Julian Winston below. I give more information about "True Homeopathy" in the Homeopathy Science section.

Following is a graphic way to see a greater picture of what Julian Winston was looking at but did not see its greater context:

First, here is what he thought should be done concerning the responses of humans to vibrated dilutions and what those were revealing about the Natural World [click on picture to see original text]


Comparison of Graphics

Vibrated Dilutions (called "Homeopathic Remedies") can be used to treat both the

Homeo-tonic and the Homeo-pathic illnesses that result from Energy Diseases.

These are used according to the Law of Similars.

"Mother of all Diseases": Chronic Miasms

"Mis-tunement" of the human Dynamis

"Spin-off Diseases":

Pathic illnesses

Recognize symptoms as caused by primary/Tonic Disease, then

treat Homeo-tonically and Homeo-pathically

[with "Homeopathic Remedies"]

Recognize symptoms as caused by secondary/Pathic Disease, then

treat Homeo-pathically

[with "Homeopathic Remedies"]

Expanded way of seeing Life and ways to use homeopathic remedies to help improve health [early draft: 02/10/2008]