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Healthcare on a Budget

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[February 2009, to be expanded:] This essay is to describe some options patients have for planning and implementing their next steps to improve their health.

The staff at my clinic has the latest listing of services and fees.

I want to help people get the care they need. I can authorize a hardship discount on fees for consultations.

Unicorn Plan: The staff can talk with you about a creative way of prepaying for an extensive integrative medicine program--if you are one of those who qualify; ask about the Unicorn payment plan. This is an interest-free one-year loan program.

Whenever possible I give patients instruction about things that can be done at home to help improve their health. This includes home care recommendations, exercises, books and media (CD, video, etc.) about ways to improve health.

The NIHA office sends out email notices about public talks where I present information at no charge to you.

I plan on informative Workshops and Retreats.

"The Bare Minimum" and Giving You My Best Care:

People make their health care choices based on different criteria. When someone asks for the lowest cost possible, "the bare minimum," that request is respected. Usually there is something that I can provide within their budget. I adjust recommendations to give them a good chance at improvement within the limits they have set for themselves. If there is uncertainty about their basic strength for self-healing, I may explain that more tests or more extensive supportive treatment would increase their chances of having a positive outcome. Results of treatment (including any kind of treatment by any practitioner) depend largely on the person's underlying basic strength for self-healing; this is affected by several factors. See: Obstacles to Cure: ANS Function Factors.

NIHA offerings for patients and visitors

Free public lectures; Library with articles to read online; in the future there will be more comprehensive choices for self-study at no charge, such as "webinars". >> NIHA website

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