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The Healing Power of Nature

This is from my handout with graphics that describe how the 5-Level Map to Guide Healing and the "Obstacles to Cure" / ANS Function Factors are used to help assess a person's health situation.  Though it comes from the German physician Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., it combines aspects of healing practices that have existed for thousands of years. It is consistent with the training I had in naturopathic medical school where we heard about the Vis Medicatrix Naturae, or the Healing Power of Nature. Also see the Process of Healing and the definition of Naturopathic Medicine.


Everything is Connected to Everything Else

Person stressed by Obstacles to Cure

Stresses or "Obstacles to Cure"

These obstruct the body's innate ability to adapt and be flexible. They can block the body's ability to heal itself. This includes changing the "terrain" so pathogenic organisms thrive and complicate the picture. Some are shown here, including Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Diseases. [More extensive listing of these Obstacles to Cure / ANS Function Factors.]

See also my essay on The Shackles on Job's Body. This looks at factors that hold back the body's innate ability to adapt and heal.