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Research -- AcuGraph® Observational Survey Project: Hyaluronic Acid effects

[Instructions page is being updated. Awaiting Kimberly's okay on sending a final wording of announcement. v. June 5, 2012]

You are busy and your time is limited: Do you want to help change the flow of history? When your clients look back on major events that changed their health (physical or emotional/mental) will they point to their experience with you as a major milestone? You know that the acupuncture meridian system is intimately involved in all human functions. Now AcuGraph can deliver one additional way that you can help your patients and the general public realize that there is a scientific background for your successes. Your participation and observations can add to the evidence that Hyaluronic Acid and acupuncture need to be more scientifically studied. This survey can lead to the next phase of research.
Knowledge of acumeridian dynamics and Hyaluronic Acid's role can help change the face of healthcare.
Download Instructions & Project Description [PDF]
[Project open to those with access to AcuGraph testing, or those preparing to purchase AcuGraph.]

NOTE: June 3, 2012 -- The initial concepts below received the attention of the three companies, and phase 1 observations were conducted with the Hyaluronic Acid. The initial Observational Study was so encouraging that I am coordinating this repeat with wider publicity and participation. [See Research page.] When this is publicized on the AcuGraph users Forum, they will be directed to this page.

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This page describes the Acugraph Observational Survey Project that I, Dr. Wilson, am coordinating to study Hyaluronic Acid effects. My intent is for the next phase to be human subjects research. Also below is information about a second project that I hope to put into action later on.

Expected visitors to this page will know about AcuGraph digital meridian imaging technology. I am very enthusiastic about the AcuGraph technology and its potential for Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and general healthcare. These observational studies are surveys of AcuGraph users: A) The effects on Chi/Qi from supplementation with a natural substance, hyaluronic acid; and B) The mental health benefits of acumeridian approaches.

Three insights are driving me to coordinate these two observational studies:

1. Current Project: Enhancing Chi flow with Hyaluronic Acid: [Instructions & Project Description PDF] I want to introduce to the AcuGraph community the Synthovial 7 hyaluronic acid supplement that I am convinced can increase the flow of Chi in the body -- as described in my Hyaluronic Acid Acumeridian HypothesisI am more convinced than ever that the Hyaluronic Acid component of the human fascial system is the key to the dynamic autonomic regulation that makes human beings different from other mammals. Our extensive matrix of soft, pliable fascia with a supply of Hyaluronic Acid that can rapidly shift to be where there is injury or a need for more attention of the body to healing a specific area is the reason that humans are so adaptable and so intelligent. H.A. and the meridian system are at the core of what makes us human. The crystal-clear Hyaluronic Acid is in my opinion the matrix that carries the photons that then begin the minute changes in the electroconductivity that end up causing major changes in physiological function. The AcuGraph can document its effects. This is an observational survey. The survey is open to any AcuGraph user who wants to see the changes that come from increasing the body's stores of Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Future Project: Research of Mental Health Benefits of Acumeridian Approaches: This project hopefully will generate interest among the AcuGraph community (and others such as practitioners of Applied Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, EFT, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Tong Ren, etc.) in establishing a formal research project involving patients that will address the benefit of using AcuGraph to help document the mental health benefits of acumeridian-based approaches. [In fact, any treatment that helps the human being should result in improved readings on AcuGraph assessments.] Ultimately I want to get the attention of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, clergy and others whose services to the public at present do not take into account their client's acumeridian energy system or how to enhance the flow of Chi/Qi.

Future Outcomes Tracking: I want to introduce the AcuGraph community to the Mental Health Pros practice development portal service [see Project Supporters below], especially its Outcomes Tracking capability. Tracking patient responses is key to defensible practice. [Note: If you are interested you can contact them about their current development of a CAM practice support portal which will have Open Source technology so that you can add any items that you wish to track over time and display the data in handy graphical format.]

Note: Each of these Survey Projects is what researchers call an observational study. It is intended to show the need for further, formal research that would qualify for submission to research journals.

Ease of Participation
[Download Instructions & Project Description-- PDF]

1. Register by contacting Dr. Wilson. Early registrants can begin use of complimentary support from Project Supporters:

A) Cindy Hansen at MHP;

B) Darren Landis at Hyalogic. 

2. Observe your clients/patients for four months. This includes incidents and anecdotes related to emotional/mental health and wellness. During those four months -- some time after you have a "baseline" sense of their responses to treatment -- for one month have your clients use the Synthovial 7 hyaluronic acid supplement. There will be 3 complimentary bottles for the first 5 participants who choose to register for that; others can also purchase at the professional price.

3. [After 4 months] Give your responses to the Observational Study questions that will be provided.

4. The survey results will be emailed to those who participate, and will be shared with Dr. Larsen at Miridia Technologies.



Become more observant of changes in clients/patients.
Evaluate benefits of Hyaluronic Acid to enhance Chi/Qi flow.

Promotes spread of knowledge of the acupuncture meridians (which I call the Health Energy System) as key to living a healthy life.

The Significance of these projects for me, Dr. Wilson

Why I am so enthusiastic about AcuGraph [PDF]:
      Includes comments on Dr. Nordenström, Hyaluronic Acid,
      Tooth-Meridian chart info, Dr. Giumberteau's DVD on fascia

Sample AcuGraph report [PDF]

Acupuncture and Emotional Balance [PDF]

Autonomic Nervous System and Counseling (Porges' model of three-level ANS "Polyvagal Theory") [PDF]

Serving our Veterans helps us all [PDF]
    My recommendations to Department of Defense re AcuGraph.

     Updated recommendations re Warm Water Therapy [view]

Discovery of Health Energies (my term for the phenomenon of Chi flow and its impact on health) is as important as the Invention of Air.

Image from site that I created. AcuGraph site AcuGraph Training Videos




This AcuGraph/Hyaluronic Acid project is structured as a survey of clinicians who use AcuGraph, concerning the response of their patients/clients to Hyaluronic acid supplementation.

This survey is an observational study. It is my hope that this will lead to formal research, with an IRB, that can be published.

Why I am so enthusiastic about AcuGraph [download - PDF]

Project Supporters:

1. Hyalogic LLC: The Hyalogic company has agreed to provide 3 bottles of Synthovial-7 hyaluronic acid supplement to each of the five first participating clinicians so that they can assess the effect on the Chi value on AcuGraph testing of five individuals. Others can purchase their own.  (See Dr. Wilson's Hyaluronic Acid Hypothesis.) You are invited to visit their Internet site and learn more about the health support products that contain hyaluronic acid [I particularly like their athlete's support product called Myodurance]. Disclosure: I have received samples of their products including Synthovial-7; I have given Synthovial 7 to some patients and I use it daily myself.

2. Mental Health Pros: The practice development corporation, Mental Health Pros, has agreed to give accounts to ten clinicians at no charge for six months so that their patients/clients can track their own responses using their lifestyle and emotional health survey. (See sample of my MHP portal, which is what is being donated for ten clinicians.)  I am very enthusiastic about their current portal with its many practice development features. [A CAM-focused portal is being developed.] The Outcomes Tracking capability is impressive. You are invited to visit their Internet site and learn more about how this may enhance your practice and expand your support for your clients/patients. Their office invites inquiries and can educate you about how you can apply this to your practice. Disclosure: I have received access to their MHP portal system in return for advising on their new portal project.

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