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Acumeridian energy flow: Deepening scientific basis

Acumeridian energy examples: Charts/Videos of Tapping, Tong Ren, and more.

Acupuncture computerized manikin negotiations

Algorithms: Allopathic attempts at adapting holistic approaches to healing

Allergies and Brain Reactions: Chart from Theron Randolph's work.

Allergies affect brain function: Handwriting flipped like a computer.

Autonomic/Neural Technologies trainings: Map

Autonomic Nervous System handouts and information

Biofeedback: An Overview [PDF]

Cell Wall Deficient "Stealth Pathogens": Cloaked, can also hide inside red cells

Chalice and the Vision Quest

Color and Healing

Dear Doctor: Why Your Patient Needs Integrative Homeopathy

Detoxification - The Concept

Did You Ever Fly a Kite?: Perceptions of the unseen, re Quantum Electro-Dynamics and Homeopathy.

Disease defined: Homeopathy energy medicine theory of disturbances of life energy.

Dynamic System Graphics: Visualizing use of Energy and Substance concepts.

Energy Anatomy & Chronic Miasms

Factors that block innate Autonomic Nervous System function

Fascia Discovery: "Strolling Under the Skin" -- reveals insights about converting energy to movement.

Five-Level Map (Model) to Health and Healing

    Five-Level concept as concentric spheres

Flat Earth Medicine essay with Blue Marble project link

Flatland: The book that energized Einstein and illustrated Hahnemann's vision.

Fractal Science, Chaos/Pattern Theory and health care implications, with links

    >> One beautiful fractal "painting"

Gant's Big Picture: Body Mind Recovery Flowchart [PDF]

Healing Power of Nature

Homo toxicanus: Humorously proposed "new species of human."

Iris Analysis/Iridology Handouts and information

Integrative Homeopathy at a Glance -- 1-page PDF [free PDF viewer]

Mercury Leakage; Extraction Socket Degeneration

Millennium Scan 3-D skull image of living person

National Museum of the American Indian

Photo Album

Reactions to Foods/Environmental Stressors: from Theron Randolph, M.D.

Tapping: Acupuncture energy flow can be enhanced in various ways via tapping

Triune Autonomic Nervous System: by John Chitty re Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory

Touchpoints From Nature: Learning from the Earth.

Uniqueness of your healing pathway

World Healing: Indigenous cultures have shaped my view of Life and Healing

World Maps and Fold-up Paper World Globe


Extra hold for transfer: January 3 2014

images/Informed Consent - Counseling v.1-1-14.pdf

Informed Consent

images/Informed Consent v.1-3-14.pdf

Dr Ralph Wood Wilson




Chronic Miasms: Morrison's recount of Sankaran and group's work "Homotoxicology" Chart: (Human Toxics Management)

Revici's Periodic Table of the Elements

Tooth / Organ / Emotion Relationships Charts


Bonus Website >> Alex Grey's work

Beautiful graphics, books, online Chapel of Sacred Mirrors