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Introducing Functional Medicine, with Laboratory Testing

[To be updated now that I'm in Hawai'i.]

As a naturopathic physician I can use laboratory testing and also the assessments of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to gain valuable information to guide the choices for individualized treatments. Other tests that assess the function of the Vis medicatrix naturae may include: HRV, AcuGraph, Biofeedback. See also:  Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics | Dr Daniel Amen and Brain Imaging | New Brain Science



Laboratory testing: A method of assessing functional health


I recommend laboratory test panels that can be ordered by patients.
[ Includes Dr. Wilson's Basic w Review]

: When you visit the site it automatically checks your computer IP address and displays the services allowed for your location. International visitors will see a different set of choices than for the USA -- you can send the Blood Spot and other test kits that are allowed. Click here for consultation.


Book:  Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine [more]

A landmark text; used by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics [see below].

Over 3800 citations make Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine your evidence-based resource for the biochemical basis of chronic illness. A must-have desk reference for laboratory testing associated with nutritional and metabolic medicine. See the videos below of Dr. J. Alexander Bralley discussing testing of Organic Acids to give clues about genetic metabolic variations, and of Dr. Todd LePine discussing "The Gut-Brain Connection: An Inside Look at Depression."

"Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine is giant contribution to the field of 21st century medicine.  It provides a well-researched roadmap to aid practitioners in evaluating disease along the continuum from pre-clinical biochemical and metabolic dysfunction to full blown clinical symptoms and disease.  It is an essential reference for clinicians seeking to practice the medicine of the future today."                                              -Dr. Mark Hyman, MD [info]

 Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics [link]

Founder: Charles Gant, M.D.

New focus: Dysoxygenosis and the work of Lowell Weiner, DDS, FAGD
Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment

New focus for Functional Medicine practitioners: Dr. Gant interviewed dental surgeon and educator, Lowell Weiner, DDS. The impact on physical and mental health of dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system by breathing problems can be profound.

Specialty and Practice Philosophy:
Biological Dentistry. Helping the body to help itself using the least invasive technology following medical and biological dental concepts.

Areas of Focus:
Sleep Apnea, Snoring, diagnosis and treatment of toxic teeth and their relationship to cavitations and chronic sinus problems. Non-surgical treatment of TMJ, and functional dental medicine.

British Snoring & Speep Apnea Association: Epworth Sleepiness Scale self-test
Sleep Wellness Centers, LLC: Main site | Berlin-Sleep Apnea Questionnaire PDF



Fields and healthy cell cytostructural activity: Ning Wang, Ph.D.
I have communicated with this researcher whose work seemed to be hidden by engineering terminology. Dr. Ning Wang works with micro-anatomy. I think that his discovery adds to evidence for the value of fields in health as well as the need for body movement to generate fields in order to activate physiological processes. [See Dr. Ratey, above for BDNF and brain health and learning and memory enhancement.]
Original article I found [deleted] | Blogger picks up his work | Fascia cytostructural work of Jean-Pierre Giumberteau | My writing on Kinesthetic Medicine
Research description: Professor Wang uses advanced research techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics, including cytoskeletal biomechanics and control of cell form and function; bio-imaging of cytoskeletal structures and stress distribution in living cells; mechanotransduction, nuclear deformation and gene expression; and mechanical biotechnologies and their applications to cells, tissues, and organisms.

He has developed a technology called intracellular stress tomography, which he uses to address fundamental questions about stress propogation and distribution in living cells. He has also developed three-dimensional magnetic twisting cytometry technology and used it to quantify mechanical anisotropy in living cells. [more]


Genova Diagnostics [Main site]
Click on links to view presentation and visit Genova site.

Slide show about Genetic polymorphysm testing.
Discovering a person's Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) allows for treatment using nutritional enhancement
and other compensations that help protect from inefficient metabolism.

Detoxigenomics Profile test
This detects genetic polymorphisms that cause the production of inefficient enzymes (or totally absent enzymes) for the detoxification process.

CardioGenomic Profile presentation

Chart of Steroid Hormone Pathways that can be studied w Genova lab testing [click here or on picture for larger PDF]

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory
A resource for Functional Integrative Medicine Practice
Visit their Learning Center [link]

The Gut-Brain Connection: An Inside Look at Depression and Obesity [and the

Environmental Toxicity and the Effect on Health

Walter Crinnion, N.D. at Metametrix

View more webinars from Augustin Bralley/Metametrix.


GI Effects test

NeuroScience, Inc.: "Improving Health Through the Nervous System" [site]

Neuro-Endo-Immune Solutions. Video archives for additional clips [click here].

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