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Functional Assessments


This page will link information about Functional Testing. This is related to the term Functional Medicine, but I use it as part of the Expanded Paradigm.


See Functional Medicine on my clinical site.


Functional testing is a newly developing form of medical assessment embraced by holistic and alternative practitioners, and slowly being incorporated into the medical mainstream. Functional tests help determine how the body is functioning as opposed to other medical tests and imaging tools which measure pathological breakdown and disease.


Functional changes occur long before diseases are manifest. Therefore, functional testing might be described as an early warning system that is ideal for prevention- oriented doctors and professionals concerned about finding the root cause of the patient's concern.


Functional Assessment Tools include:

Autonomic Response Testing more>>

Heart Rate Variability Testing more>>

AcuGraph: Digital Meridian Imaging more>>

NES body-field bioinformation scan more>>

SCENAR: Combines both cybernetic biofeedback and treatment more>>


There is excellent and extensive material available from Dr. Jeffrey Bland and others regarding functional assessment. The term Functional Medicine is related to this.


There are a number of laboratory tests that have been termed as functional tests.