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FirstLine Therapy: Gastrointestinal Health and Immune Support

for both Wellness and Chronic Illness Treatment

"We can turn on the genes that will help to build an improved body and brain."

A type of Functional Medicine approach for weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, etc.

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March 2011 I took the FirstLine Therapy certification training and am certified as a FirstLine therapy practitioner. It was an excellent combination of things that I had learned at Bastyr University with recent science that focuses on the benefits to the mind and emotions when the digestion and immune system are treated with natural approaches.

Visit the Metagenics site for more information. Soon this page will be expanded to provide more information, including access information for my patients to purchase Metagenics medical foods and other nutritional items at a reduced price.


The training included focusing on people with chronic illness. This can include: Obesity; Diabetes; Heart Disease; Cancer; Fibromyalgia; Emotional conditions  and more.

I enhance the Metagenics approach by adding extra information about appropriate body movement -- which has been shown in scientific research to increase Human Growth Hormone [google], and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor [google]. We can turn on the genes that will help to build an improved body and brain. See FlexAware Fitness and Neuro Rehab.