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Family Constellation Work

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See below: James Earl Jones video reminder of the Welcome that may prevent suicides

Online: Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation site | Seattle area events: SeattleConstellationsNetwork

DC area events: The Constellations Group and CoreConstellations Center and Hellinger Institute of DC. A skilled facilitator, Randy Goldberg, offers constellations too, check out his website


Constellations books: Bert Hellinger and others [his site, with book store]

See also: Birth Order: The order of health; what your family ranking reveals about your medical destiny [Please note that the article is not based on Heilkunst or natural medicine knowledge; the first-born child actually may have more allergies because they filter the mother's blood of Mercury and toxins, and Dietrich Klinghardt has called the first-born the "throw-away baby," because of damage from Mercury.]

I've had many experiences with Family Constellations beginning in the late 1990s. Constellations help each participant to have a sense of the interconnections of people, as well as the underlying organizing process that tends toward health and dynamic interactions between all people. I'm impressed with the way it allows people to experience the connections of all people that are beyond the confines of religion or politics.


Click picture to go to site of Matthew Blom; he is insightful and enthusiastic. The video gives a glimpse into the results of this work.

Visit site of Stephan Hausner, facilitator, frequent visitor/teacher in USA. Visit site of Sheila Saunders, RN, LMFT, facilitator and sponsor of Stephan Hausner's visit.

Suicide prevention resource >>  National Hopeline Network :1-800-SUICIDE

This Human Family video was made by actor James Earl Jones -- There is Hope


Some quotes from a workshop flyer:

1. Family Constellations expose the hidden dynamics within families that are behind the traumas and misfortunes we experience in our lives. The innocence of a child wants only to love its family and the child often sacrifices its own best interests in the blind belief that this suffering will ensure its 'belonging' to the family.

2. According to the groundbreaking family systems work of Bert Hellinger, each of us lives within an invisible familial force field. The forces in this field are determined by how well we have cared for our most significant familial relationships, and how our ancestors have cared for theirs. Join Hellinger, and his colleague and student, Dietrich Klinghardt, for a remarkable workshop that explores the legacies left in our particular field, and reveals how these relationships can be either life- and health-enhancing, or illness- and trauma-producing.

Hellinger's profound Family Constellation work and Klinghardt's applied psycho-neurobiology are the foundations of this workshop. By participating in and witnessing the constellation process, and through lectures and discussions, journal writing, singing, and more, we carefully explore these family dynamics and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We leave the workshop knowing that without this understanding of our family of origin, their achievements as well as their failed dreams and longings, disappointments and losses, and even victimizations by other family members, there is no peace in the soul.

Hellinger is a philosopher, poet, psychoanalyst, writer, and healer. Author of more than 20 books, he is considered the most influential contemporary psychotherapist and philosopher in central Europe. Board-certified in neurologic and orthopedic medicine, and founder and president of the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Klinghardt has been synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 25 years.

Family of Origin: Includes parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents and in some cases where they met a dramatic fate, great-grandparents. Also included are premarital partners of your parents and grandparents.

Present Family: Includes partners and children from former relationships as well.

What happened in your family that was tragic or unusual? Did anyone:

l  Die during childbirth? l Find her life at risk during childbirth? l Suffer illness or disability from giving birth? l Have a stillborn child?  l Die at a young age? l Have an illegitimate child? l Have a child who was abandoned or given up for adoption? l Have an abortion yourself? [Abortions and in some cases miscarriages affect the couple’s or parents’ relationship but usually do not have an impact on the other children. Children should not inquire about an abortion or miscarriage, honoring it as part of the privacy of the parents’ relationship. A stillborn child, however, is considered a sibling and children must know about it.] l Have a former spouse, fiance', partner or lover? [Inquire about a parent's or grandparent's former partner(s) only if that partner was a spouse or fiance'. Other relationships are part of parents' privacy. However, you must know about children from any former relationship.] l Attempt or commit suicide? l Have a serious or long-lasting illness? l Have a physical or mental disability? l Commit a crime or war crimes? [Do not inquire about war crimes.] l Survive or die in the Holocaust? l Die in action during military service? l Become a missing person? l Join clergy or enter monastery? l Find themselves ignored, not respected, not honored? [Was anyone treated with contempt, cast out or slandered? E.g., disabled persons, gays / lesbians, alcoholics, criminals?] l Not marry and so be belittled? l Experience being taken advantage of? [E.g., regarding inheritance, etc?] l Emigrate to another country? Lose a fortune? l Live an unusual life?