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Expanding the Paradigm - Steps to Take

My life was changed when I learned to consider both the physical and the energy aspects of our existence. I am very hopeful for the future of health care because of the great discoveries that have come in the last century; science is giving explanations for the success of systems of medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Explore this site and talk with me about how you can see your life in a new way and make choices that improve your life.

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The Expanded Paradigm

Insights from Science and Natural Medicine.

Groundwork for the Future of Healthcare 


E = mc2  Just over 100 years ago Albert Einstein uncovered a truth that has always existed: matter and energy are intricately related. That brought major changes to our world and we are all familiar with this. However, about 100 years prior to Einstein, Samuel Hahnemann uncovered the same truth when he began developing ways to treat patients as if they were simultaneously Substance and Energy. Since his time and more rapidly after Einstein's there have been increasing numbers of observations of how, for example, acupuncture, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, all have inter-relationships with each other. What Einstein disclosed to the world of Science is now being brought into the world of Health and Healthcare.

Perhaps the single most important fact of this New Understanding of the Natural World is that energies can act as if they were entities, or like "computer viruses". These are called Chronic Miasms in homeopathy theory, and have been described as a living spiritual force, something malign and almost consciously destructive of humankind. We all need to be treated for Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Diseases.

[See: Chronic Miasms | Flatland: Einstein, Hahnemann and Abbott | Notes on Dynamization]

He began to triturate (grind) and succuss (shake) the medicinal substances, discovering by experiment that the highly diluted remedies were even more potent after they had been succussed... The universe was pervaded by the vital force. Hahnemann was no theoretical mystic; he was a practical experimenter whose reach in these matters exceeded his grasp because he was confronted with material two hundred years before a vocabulary to deal with it had been developed. Even now most of us still operate in a Newtonian, pre-Einsteinian universe, despite the fact that modern physics has revealed its partiality.. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...". [Hahnemann, emphasis added] 

From A Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley


Starting your treatment with

Integrative Homeopathy

This page will be expanded as I continue to write on the topic: "Human Energy Anatomy -- Scientific Groundwork for Integrative Practice."

HeartMath Research Center - Biofeedback

In an earlier version of this page I wrote the following:


In order to explain the successes of the network of practitioners with which I am associated, listed below are some basic aspects that need to be understood. I think these are reasonable, and I have seen developing technologies that essentially prove my Expanded Paradigm concept is valid. This listing is not presented as exhaustive or complete, but contains the major factors that I have come to understand as valid and necessary for a person to effectively employ the integrative approach used at NIHA, taught at Capital University of Integrative Medicine [now disbanded] and the American Academy of Neural Therapy and practiced by a growing network of practitioners.


Before listing the factors that I consider underpinnings to our successful programs here, let me say this. On its surface the way the Expanded Paradigm will appear is simply adding close attention to ANS blocking factors such as "Toxics" [such as mercury and other heavy metals, and chemical pollutants], Microbes [such as Lyme, nanobacteria, etc.], and psycho-emotional stresses [childhood memories, other traumas, etc.]. I foresee this will be as commonplace as is washing the hands before examining patients. Simply checking for and addressing the level of toxics and microbes will change the nature of medicine. This will in a major way modify the "terrain" of the body, thus enabling the person to more vigorously exercise their innate self-healing capabilities.

My deeper study of the dynamic system originally envisioned by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. over 200 years ago -- a system that pre-dated Einstein yet treated a person as simultaneously Energy and Substance -- leads me to add an overarching understanding as described in Homeopathy Science. If you invest some time in reading that web page and associated links you may discover you have within your grasp the answers to your questions of puzzling health concerns. This has been called the "Map out of the Swamp" of confusion regarding what constitutes true Health and Disease.


Bottom Line Elements for Expanded Paradigm

Body electromagnetic field, acumeridian zones, dermatomes

Autonomic Nervous System key controller of adaptability and healing

Successful assessment of ANS function & stressors: 

---"Metals, Microbes, Memories," etc., restricting ANS function

Treatment Program in stages is crucial to patient comfort and success:

---Detoxification of "Molds, Metals, Memories," etc.

The full range of allopathic and holistic approaches can be considered for potential benefit to a particular individual. We are comfortable using prescription drugs if beneficial, and will include supportive remedies for any body organ system stressed by planned treatment.

The overarching model that I keep in mind when evaluating cases is a complex one described in various ways such as: Dynamic System Graphics | 5-Level Model


1. The body has electrical charge differences between arteries and veins. This, by basic internationally-accepted science definition of charge flow, means that there are electromagnetic fields around each vessel in the body. Thus the body is a closed electrical system [ref. Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D., "Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits"] that contains a complex weave of electromagnetic fields.


2. The body has a network of energy zones, which have been mapped by doctors millennia ago and addressed [somewhat effectively] by acupuncture. See acumeridian theory and the references it has to physics, chaos/pattern theory, fractal dynamics, bio-electromagnetism, etc.


The new information I point out is that the oriental physicians who formed acumeridian theory (and others such as 5-Element Theory) practiced empirical medicine, that I call "Black Box Medicine". This is an exquisite system using words and terms in a complex model that was not based on how the human body works in terms of modern anatomy and physiology, but which when followed even today gives very good results. The paradigm shift of our new understanding that I am describing, is that we now have the means to change the very body of the patient in ways the acupuncturists and yogis and others never could do before. We are able to remove heavy metals from nerve ganglia and tissues that have no natural elimination pathway. We can remove these and other "shackles" that earlier practitioners could not know existed.


3. The nervous system is intimately interconnected with the neurohormones, as has been discussed by Dr. Candace Pert [e.g., The Molecules of Emotion]. Terms such as Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology reflect the wide acceptance of the complex makeup of the body. 


4. The body has Autonomic Nervous System components [perhaps three branches, if Porges is correct], aspects of which touch virtually all parts of the body. The discipline of Neural Therapy demonstrates interactions that can only be explained if there are flows of energies similar to those described in acumeridian theory

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. heads the American Academy of Neural therapy: see hiis articles on Neural Therapy basics [PDF] and Neural Therapy and Headaches [PDF].

Background information on Neural Therapy and the Drs. Huneke.


5. Autonomic (ANS) function is essential to life. ANS function can be altered [Autonomic Dysregulation] by a number of factors [see checklist]. These often represent major roadblocks to free function of the innate monitoring and self-repair function of the ANS. Key factors that we often see are: heavy metals, microbial infestations, psycho-emotional stressors.


6. Microbes are very important. The work of Lida Mattman may be an key part of the description of how microbes can hide so well in the human body, and that only through tests such as in #7 can we find those which change shape and can hide intracellularly in the red blood cells and elsewhere (tendons, fascia, etc.).

1. Dr. Lida Mattman. Note in Sarcoidosis web page. Article on Lyme Alliance page.

2. Dr. Alan Cantwell. Abstract of 1981 paper.


7. ANS function can be assessed by several methods. I believe that the assessment technology of Advanced Cardiologix, their HRV Live! product, is the breakthrough device we have been looking for; their web site has a lot of good information you can read. Main functional assessments we use are Autonomic Response Testing, Electro-Dermal Screening, Heart Rate Variability assessment. With the Omura method of Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing, and ART, including the Direct Resonance Testing sub-routine, practitioners can identify a wide range of factors that block ANS regulation and full function. This is a key item: Detecting the blocks to ANS function then allows us to make a program of addressing them.


ANS function can be assessed for improvement by acumeridian treatments, homeopathics (vibrated dilutions), herbs, craniosacral therapy, other bodywork, mind-body treatments as well as prescription medication.


8. Dr. McClure has developed a sequence of steps for assessing and treating the various blocks to ANS function. When followed, these will help the patient avoid "healing crises" and make the sequence of treatment steps more tolerable. [This step #8 on this essay, is not essential, but something similar would be helpful for planning a program that will not overwhelm the patient.] Treatments are another subject, and I will not list them on this page. There are a complex set of choices to be made and no one series is universally the best for all people. This is the art of health care.


9. My bottom line understanding is that if we do not remove blocks to ANS function then the body cannot fully heal itself. That means that no treatment [no matter whether it be good food, exercise, herbs, homeopathy, prescription medications, surgery or any other treatment] will bring the patient to full health if they are still held back by ANS blocking factors. I tell patients that they should experience improvement, but that complete optimal reclamation of health means they need to address all the blocks to regulation and then supply support and nurture to all systems of the body. [See Why Some Treatments Make You Worse.]


Because this can be expensive, I always look for the level of a patient's ability to handle the rigors of the work they may be doing, and I talk about the way we will never be finished in what I call our "Ongoing Reclamation Project". We must find some way to "enjoy the journey along the way," perhaps to have some worldview or philosophy of life being more than a struggle of the isolated human against the world around them. [Spirituality considerations may be helpful.]